Research Seminar

The PSPE Research Seminar provides a venue for researchers (mostly from outside of the LSE) to present their work.

Seminar coordinator: Dr Rafael Hortala-Vallve 

Location: 32L 3.05, 3rd Floor Conference Room, LSE, 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PH

Time: 14:00 to 15:30

2014-15 Year

Michaelmas Term

Tuesday 14 October 2014
"Get Rid of Unanimity: The Superiority of Majority with Veto Power"|
Aniol Llorente-Saguer, Queen Mary University of London

Tuesday 21 October 2014
"Capital Cities, Conflict, and Misgovernance: Theory and Evidence"|
Filipe Campante, Harvard Kennedy School

Tuesday 4 November 2014
"Voter Registration Costs and Disenfranchisement: Experimental Evidence from France"  |
Vincent Pons, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tuesday 11 November 2014
"Electoral Rules and the Quality of Politicians: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan"|
Ruben Enikolopov, Barcelona Institute for Political Economy and Governance

Tuesday 18 November 2014
"Conservation Contracts and Political Regimes"|
Bard Harstad, University of Oslo

Monday 24 November 2014 

"US Congress and Foreign Policy Lobbying"|
Thad Kousser, University of California

Tuesday 25 November 2014
"Preferential Voting, Accountability and Promotions into Political Power"|
Torsten Persson, Institute for International Economic Studies

Tuesday 2 December 2014
"Reactionary Reform and Radical Restraint"|
Peter Buisseret, Warwick University

Tuesday 9 December 2014
"Attack When the World is Not Watching? International Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"
Ruben Durante, Sciences Po

Lent Term

Tuesday 13 January 2015 
"Prosocial Insurgents: Evidence from Nepal's Maoists"|
Cyrus Samii, New York University

Tuesday 20 January 2015 
"Dispute Resolution Institutions and Strategic Militarization’’|
Massimo Morelli, Columbia University

Tuesday 27 January 2015 
"The Political Economy of Enforcing Conditional Welfare Programs: Evidence from Brazil"|
Fernanda Brollo, University of Alicante

Tuesday 3 February 2015 
"Voter Learning in Electoral Primaries"
Catherine Hafer, New York University

Tuesday 10 February 2015
"Deliberate Disengagement: How Education Decreases Political Participation in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes"|
Guy Grossman, University of Pennsylvania

Tuesday 17 February 2015 
"Tailoring Intertemporal Incentives: An Application to Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan"
Michael Callen, Harvard Kennedy School

Tuesday 24 February 2015
"Efficiency of Flexible Budgetary Institutions"|
Renee Bowen, Stanford Business School

Monday 2 March 2015, 13:00 - 14:30, in 32L.LG.02.
Lunch will be provided.
"Policy Unbundling and Special Interest Politics"|
Patrick Le Bihan, Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse

Tuesday 3 March 2015 
"A Structural Model of Political Accountability "|
Allan Drazen, University of Maryland

Tuesday 10 March 2015 
Bowling for Fascism: Social Capital and the Rise of the Nazi Party
Shanker Satyanath, New York University

Tuesday 17 March 2015
"Elections as a Method of Processing Conflicts|"
Adam Przeworski, New York University

2013-14 Year

Lent Term

Tuesday 21 January 2014
"Mandatory Versus Discretionary Spending: The Status Quo Effect"|
Hulya Eraslan, Johns Hopkins University

Tuesday 28 January 2014
"The Impact of Unions on Workers' Political Preferences"|
Yotam Margalit, 
Columbia University

Tuesday 4 February 2014
"Correlation Neglect, Voting Behaviour and Polarization"
Ronny Razin, London School of Economics

Tuesday 11 February 2014
"Communication in Multilateral Bargaining"  |
Marina Agranov, California Institute of Technology

Tuesday 18 February 2014
"Political Incentives to Privatize"
Pablo Montagnes, Harris School of Public Policy

T uesday 25 February 2014
"Electoral Control and the Human Capital of Politicians"
Carlo Prato, Georgetown University

Tuesday 4 March 2014
"Democracy Undone. Systematic Minority Advantage in Competitive Vote Markets"
Alessandra Casella, Columbia University

Tuesday 11 March 2014
"Politics and Administration"|
Michael Ting, Columbia University

Tuesday 18 March 2014"
Airpower and Coercion in Counterinsurgency Wars: Evidence from Afghanistan"
Jason Lyall, Yale University

Michaelmas Term

Tuesday 8 October 2013
"Evaluating Competing Explanations for The Midterm Gap: A Unified Econometric Approach with Microfoundations”.|
Brian Knight, Brown University

Tuesday 15 October 2013
“Do Legislators Cater to the Priorities of their Constituents?”
Anthony Fowler, Harris School of Public Policy

Tuesday 22 October 2013
“Demand Slant: How Abstention shapes voters choice of news media”
|Santiago Oliveros, University of Essex

Tuesday 5 November 2013
"Ethnicity or Class? Identity Choice in Elections and its Implications for Redistribution"
John Huber, Colombia University

Tuesday 12 November 2013
"Incumbency Disadvantage In Weak Party Systems: Evidence from Brazil"
Rocio Titiunik, University of Michigan

Tuesday 19 November 2013
"Imperfectly Informed Voters and Strategic Extremism" 
Enriqueta Aragones, Institute for Economic Analysis 

Tuesday 26 November 2013
Voting to Tell Others
Stefano DellaVigna, University of California

Thursday 28 November 2013
Note - this seminar will be held in NAB.LG.09, between 13:00-14:00
Are Voters Equal Under Proportional Representation?
Orit Kedar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Tuesday 3 December 2013
"The Dictator's Inner Circle"
Francesco Trebbi, The University of British Colombia

Tuesday 10 December 2013
"Political Reform and Elite Political Persistence"
Pablo Querubin, New York University

2012-13 Year

Lent Term

Tuesday 15 January 2013It's the Bribe, Stupid! Pocketbook vs. Sociotropic Corruption Voting
The Economy, Corruption, and the Vote: Evidence from Experiments in Sweden and Moldova
Joshua Tucker NYU 

Tuesday 22 January 2013Cross-Border Spillover: U.S. Gun Laws and Violence in Mexico
Oeindrila Dube NYU  

Tuesday 19 February 2013Cross-border media and nationalism: Evidence from Serbian radio in Croatia
Maria Petrova, New Economics School Moscow

Tuesday 26 February 2013Education and Human Capital Externalities: Evidence from Colonial Benin
Leonard Wantchekon, Princeton

Tuesday 5 March 2013The Lawmakers: Legislative Effectiveness in the United States Congress
Alan Wiseman, Vanderbilt

Tuesday 12 March 2013Pre-emptive Policy Experimentation
Steve Callander, Stanford GSB

Tuesday 19 March 2013 
Renewable Resource Shocks and Conflict in India's Maoist Belt
Shanker Satyanath, NYU  

Michaelmas Term

Tuesday 9 October 2012 Marketing sovereign promises:  The English model|
Gary Cox, Stanford University

Tuesday 16 October 2012 Permanent Friends? Dynamic Difference and the Democratic Peace
Erik Gartzke, University of California, San Diego

Tuesday 23 October 2012 Ethnic Inequality
Alberto Alesina, Harvard University

Tuesday 30 October 2012 Information and Contestation: A Formal Model of Notice and Comment
Sean Gailmard, University of California, Berkeley

Tuesday 6 November 2012 Cross-border media and nationalism: Evidence from Serbian radio in Croatia
Maria Petrova, New Economic School, Moscow

Tuesday 13 November 2012 Procedural Choice in Majoritarian Organizations
Daniel Diermeier, Northwestern University

Tuesday 20 November 2012 Credibility and Commitment in Crisis Bargaining
Kris Ramsay, Princeton University

Tuesday 27 November 2012 Transparency and Legislative Behaviour
John Carey, Dartmouth College

Tuesday 4 December 2012 International Conventions and Non-State Actors: Selection, Signalling, and Reputation Effects
Kristian Gleditsch, Essex University

2011-12 Year

Lent Term

Tuesday 10 January 2012

"The Impact of Elections on Cooperation: Evidence from a Lab in the Field Experiment in Uganda"
|Guy Grossman, Princeton University(with Delia Baldassarri Princeton University)

Tuesday 17 January 2012 "The Total Survey Error Paradigm and Pre-election Polls: The Case of the 2006 Italian General Election"|
Laura Fumagalli, University of Essex (with Emanuela Sala, University of Milano-Bicocca)

Tuesday 24 January 2012 "Divided Majority and Information Aggregation: A Laboratory Experiment"
Laurent Bouton, Boston University

Tuesday 31 January 2012 "Female Representation but Male Rule? Elite Entrenchment, Gender Quotas and the Political Glass Ceiling"
|Olle Folke, Columbia University
(with Johanna Rickne, Research Institute for Industrial Economics & Uppsala Center for Labor Studies)

Tuesday 7 February 2012 "Money in Judicial Politics: Individual Contributions and Collective Decisions"
|Matias Iaryczower, Princeton University
(with Matthew Shum, Princeton University)

Tuesday 14 February 2012 "The Treaty of Lisbon and European Union Trade Policy: A Political-Economic Analysis"
|Christophe Crombez, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven/Stanford University
(with Wim Van Gestel, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Tuesday 21 February 2012 "Information Revelation and (Anti-)Pandering in Elections"
Navin Kartik, Columbia University
(with Francesco Squintani, Warwick University, and Katrin Tinn, Imperial College)

Tuesday 28 February 2012 "Vote Markets".
Tom Palfrey, Caltech

Tuesday 6 March 2012 "To Vote Or To Abstain? An Experimental Study of Rational and Normative Considerations Under First Past the Post and PR Elections"
|Andre Blais, University of Montreal
(with Jean-Benoit Pilet, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Karine van der Straeten, Toulouse School of Economics, Jean-François Laslier, École Polytechnique, and
Maxime Héroux-Legault, Université de Montréal)

Tuesday 13 March 2012 "Markovian Elections"
John Duggan, University of Rochester
(with Jean Guillaume Forand, University of Waterloo, Ontario)

Tuesday 20 March 2012 "The Oil Curse: How Petroleum Shapes the Development of Nations"
|Michael Ross, UCLA


Tuesday 4 October 2011 "Ethnicity and Conflict: An Empirical Study"
|Joan Esteban, Institute for Economic Analysis, Barcelona
(with Laura Mayoral, Institute for Economic Analysis, Barcelona, and
Debraj Ray, New York University)

Tuesday 11 October 2011 "Should Audiences Cost? Optimal Domestic Constraints in International Crises"
|Scott Ashworth, University of Chicago
(with Kristopher W. Ramsay, Princeton University)

Tuesday 18 October 2011 "Why Do Authoritarian Regimes Sign the Convention AgainstTorture? Signalling, Domestic Politics and Non-Compliance"
|Peter Rosendorff, New York University
(with James R. Hollyer, New York University)

Tuesday 25 October 2011 "Monopolizing Violence and Consolidating Power"
|Robert Powell, UC Berkeley

Tuesday 1 November 2011 "Dynastic Leaders and Economic Performance: Theory and Evidence"
Tim Besley, LSE
(with Marta Reynal-Querol, University of Pompeu Fabra)

Tuesday 8 November 2011 "Vote Buying in the UN General Assembly"
|Randall Stone, University of Rochester
(with David Carter, Penn State University)

Tuesday 15 November 2011 "Is Political Behaviour Better Explained Using Self-Confirming Equilibria?"|
Arthur Lupia, University of Michigan

Tuesday 22 November 2011 "The Self-Defeating Rationale for Torture"
|Sandeep Baliga, Northwestern University
(with Jeffrey Ely, Northwestern University)

Tuesday 29 November 2011 "Markov Voting Equilibria: Theory and Applications"
|Georgy Egorov, Northwestern University
(with Daron Acemoglu, MIT, and Konstantin Sonin, New Economic School)

Tuesday 6 December 2011 "Assessing Racial Discrimination in Parole Release"
|Nicolas Sahuguet, HEC Montreal
(with Stéphane Mechoulan, Dalhousie University)