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PSPE Doctoral Workshop / Work in Progress Seminar

The PSPE Doctoral Workshop/Work in Progress Seminar aims to foster a strong and lively research community within the PSPE group. The seminar meets Mondays 13:00-14:00 in room CON.1.04

Papers are presented by LSE PhD students, LSE staff, and visiting scholars. Anyone in the LSE community is welcome to attend. 

Seminar coordinator: Dr Andrew Eggers (a.c.eggers@lse.ac.uk|).

Michaelmas Term 2013

7 October 2013
Janne Tukiainen (VATT and HECER)

14 October 2013
Jack Blumenau (LSE)
"Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste: How Adverse Conditions and Agenda Control Enabled Further European Integration After 2008" (joint work with Ben Lauderdale)

21 October 2013
Massimiliano Onorato (IMT Lucca)
"Military Conflict and the Economic Rise of Urban Europe"

28 October 2013
Jessica Kunert (LSE)
"MEPs on the Web - different from national MPs or just the same? Socialisation and the new digital media in the European Parliament" 

4 November 2013
Alex Fouirnaies (LSE)
"Do Long, Intense Primary Elections Harm or Help the Party in the General Election?"

11 November 2013
Dawn Teele (LSE Post-Doctoral Fellow)
"Remember the Ladies: Electoral Politics and the Enfranchisement of American Women"

18 November 2013
Joyce Lee (LSE)
"Party Factions: Political Motivations for Politicians at the Top and the Bottom"

25 November 2013
Lukas Linsi (LSE)
"Measuring and testing the role of economic ideas: Theories of national competitiveness and the rise of investment promotion strategies"

2 December 2013
Kostas Matakos (LSE Post-Doctoral Fellow)
"Electoral Rule Dis-proportionality and Platform Polarization: Theory and Evidence" (joint work with O. Troumpounis, D. Xefteris)

9 December 2013
Ting Luo (LSE)
"China’s village committee elections: village economic autonomy and the party affiliation of elected village chairmen"