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Conflict Research Group

About Us

The Conflict Research Group (CRG) is a multi-disciplinary research and consultancy unit which brings together leading experts in conflict-related research from across several LSE's academic departments.  

The CRG provides a mix of  theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented research in the following areas:   

  • Armed conflicts and civil wars
  • Political violence, insurgency, and terrorism
  • Nationalism and ethnic conflict
  • Violent extremism, including religious extremism and racism
  • Genocide and ethnic cleansing
  • Post-conflict state-building, conflict transformation and reconciliation
  • Peace processes and negotiations
  • Electoral and constitutional methods of conflict management

We organise a public lecture series and Doctoral Workshop/ Work in Progress Seminar.  We also publish a working paper series.

We currently have faculty members from 4 LSE departments (Government, International Relations, Methodology Institute, Sociology).  We also have PhD student members.

Our activities are supported by the LSE Department of Government.