Migration Research at LSE

The LSE Migration Studies Unit is currently involved in the following research projects:

IMPALA (International Migration Policy and Law Analysis)

The IMPALA Database is a collaborative project, bringing together social science and legal researchers from:

We are currently gathering comparable data on immigration law and policy in over 25 countries of immigration between 1960 and 2010. We examine all major categories of immigration law and policy, covering the acquisition of citizenship, economic migration, family reunification, permanent immigration, temporary migration, asylum and refugee protection, and policies relating to undocumented migration and border control.

The IMPALA project page

International Burden-Sharing: Redistributive Politics Beyond the State

The question of how to share the costs for the provision of collective goods or common initiatives between states has long been prominent among researchers interested in international organisations, in particular in the area of collective security. 

More recently, one has been able to observe a widening of the burden-sharing debate, with more questions being asked about states 'regional and global responsibilities in areas such as peace-keeping, climate change, as well as forced migration, as countries have been faced with significant and very unequal responsibilities as a result of highly fluctuating inflows of asylum seekers into their territories.

Dr Eiko Thielemann is in the process of completing a research monograph which will analyse the rationale, mechanisms and effectiveness of international burden/responsibility-sharing in the case of international refugee protection. 

The International Burden-Sharing project page

International Migrants Bill of Rights

The International Migrants Bill of Rights is a dynamic blueprint for the protection of the rights of migrants, drawing from all areas of international law, including treaty law, customary international law, areas of State practice and best practices. It is the result of a two-year collaboration between students at:


The International Migrants Bill of Rights project page

LSE Migration Studies Unit Working Papers

The working papers series aims to promote and disseminate interdisciplinary research on migration issues. It is open to LSE staff and students, as well as affiliates of the Migration Studies Unit.

The MSU Working Papers project page

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