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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

18 March 2013

ISA/RLI Conference:  “A Liberal Tide: Towards a Paradigm Shift in Latin American Migration and Asylum Policy-Making?”

10 December, 2012

Legislating Equality: The Politics of Anti-discrimination Policy in Europe

  • Speaker: Dr. Terri Givens (Associate Professor in the Government Department, University of Texas at Austin)

23 May 2011

 'How can European Migration Policies Promote Development?'

  • Speakers: Tobias Billström, Swedish Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy, and Peter Sutherland, Chairman of the LSE Court of Governors and United Nations Special Representative for Migration

6 December 2011

'Economic Prospects and Migration Fluctuation'

  • Speaker: Mathias Czaika (University of Oxford)

29 October 2011
LSESU Student Action for Refugees Conference: 'Protecting Human Rights: Sexuality, gender identity, and asylum in the UK'

  • Speakers: Erin Power (Executive Director, UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group), John Bosco Nyombi, Ali Hili (Leader, Iraqi LGBT), Lucy Yeatman (University of Greenwich), Akshay Khanna (Institute of Development Studies), and Thibaut Raboin (University College London)

4 October 2011  
'Queer Cases Make Bad Law'

  • Speakers: James Hathaway (University of Michigan) and Jason Pobjoy (University of Cambridge)

24 May 2011
'The Multiple Impacts of Deportability on the Lives of Young Undocumented Migrants in England'

  • Speaker: Professor Alice Bloch (City University London)

9 March 2011  
ASEN Seminar 'Ethnic Minorities and Europe: Integration under the French Republic'

  • Speaker: Dr Alec Hargreaves

8 March 2011 
'The Political Uses of Research in Migration Politics and Policymaking'

  • Speaker: Dr Christina Boswell (University of Edinburgh)

8 February 2011
'Iraqi Women's Diaspora Mobilization: Gender, War, and Transnational Activism'

  • Speaker: Professor Nadje Al-Ali (SOAS)

25 January 2011
'Limits of Restricting Islam: The French Burqa Law of 2010′ (click link for paper)

  • Speaker: Professor Christian Joppke (American University of Paris)

30 November 2010
'The Relationship between Immigration Status and the Allocation of Rights: Exploring the Rationale'   (click link for PowerPoint)

  • Speakers: Sarah Spencer (COMPAS, Oxford) and Jason Pobjoy (Cambridge)

6 November 2010
'Human Rights Denied: Indefinite Immigration Detention -- Is There No End In Sight?'

  • Speakers: Helen Bamber, OBE, Co-Founder of the Helen Bamber Foundation, Alison Harvey, General Secretary of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association, Jerome Phelps, Coordinator of the London Detainee Support Group, and Dr. Eiko Thielemann (LSE)

7 July 2010
Book Launch: Justin Gest's Apar t

10 June 2010
Workshop on Comparative Migration Research (IMPALA)

16 and 20 June 2010
Call for Papers: Ethnographies of Migration Workshop

27 April 2010
An MSU-STICERD Roundtable: 'Assessing the Political Impact of Migrants' Presence in the Arab World'

  • Speakers: Dr. John Chalcraft, Dr. Laurence Louër, Elizabeth Frantz, and Lucile Gruntz 
  • Chair: Professor Philippe Fargues

17 March 2010
'New Labour, Xenophobia and Immigration'

  • Speakers: Arun Kundnani (Institute of Race Relations), Nira Yuval-Davis (University of East London), and Joseph Harker (The Guardian)
  • Chair: Malcolm James & Naaz Rashid

16 March 2009
MSU Seminar Series: 'Eurostars and Eurocities: London as a Hub of European Migration'

  • Speaker: Professor Adrian Favell (UCLA and Aarhus University)
  • Chair: Dr Patrick McGovern

28 February 2009
MSU Co-sponsored Event: Roundtable on Migrant Literature

  • Speakers: Kapka Kassabova, Mustafa Kör, and Naema Tahir
  • Chair: Professor Luc Bovens

25 February 2009
MSU Public Lecture Series: 'Many Voices: Understanding the debate about preventing violent extremism'

  • Speaker:  Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government)
  • Chair: Justin Gest

26 November 2008
MSU Public Lecture Series: 'The Age of Mobility: Can we make migration work for all?'   (podcast available)

  • Speaker: Peter Sutherland (UN Special Representative for Migration)
  • Chair: Professor David Held

21 October 2008
MSU and European Institute Joint Event, with the European Commission and Financial Times Business: 'The EU and Migration: Whom to admit, whom to exclude?'  

  • Speakers: Jonathan Faull (Director-General, Justice, Freedom, and Security, European Commission), Jean-Christophe Peaucelle (Head of European Affairs at the French Ministry of Immigration, Integration, and National Identity), and Christophe Prince (Director of International Policy, UK Border Agency)
  • Chair: Dr Eiko Thielemann

16 October 2008
Public Lecture: 'From Architects to Zookeepers: The MAC Report' 

  • Speaker: Professor David Metcalf (LSE)
  • Chair: Dr Eiko Thielemann
  • Panellists: Colin Stanbridge (Chief Executive, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Professor Richard Pearson (University of Sussex Centre for Migration Research)

4-5 April 2008
MSU Co-sponsored Conference: 'Managing Migration: The Neglected Face of Globalisation'  (some presentations available)

  • A two-day conference at Goodenough College for researchers, doctoral students, and practitioners engaged in managing migration research or practice 

11 March 2008
A Debate about the Definition of 'Britishness'   (podcast available)

  • Speakers: Sir Bernard Crick and Professor Anne Phillips (LSE)
  • Chair: Professor David Held 

14 December 2007
MSU and Immigration Law Practitioners Association (ILPA) Conference: Migrants and Involuntary Return 

  • Keynote Speaker: Jan Sikuta (Judge at the European Court of Human Rights)
  • Speakers: Madeline Garlick, Martin Schieffer, Syd Bolton, Rick Scannell, and Kathryn Cronin

6 December 2007
Winter Lecture: 'Europe Should Open its Doors to Immigrants'

  • Speaker: Philippe Legrain
  • Chair: Dr Eiko Thielemann

5 December 2007
'Shared Protection, Shared Values: Next Steps on Migration'   (transcript and podcast available) 

  • Speaker: Jacqui Smith MP 
  • Chair: Professor David Held

15 November 2007
Inaugural Lecture: 'Migration and Social Transformation'   (PDF available)

  • Speaker: Professor Stephen Castles (International Migration Institute, University of Oxford) 
  • Chair: Dr Eiko Thielemann