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'From Architects to Zookeepers: The MAC Report'

Thursday 16 October 2008

Speaker: Professor David Metcalf, LSE

Panellists: Mr Colin Stanbridge, Chief Executive, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry & Professor Richard Pearson, University of Sussex Centre for Migration Research

Chair: Dr Eiko Thielemann, LSE

The Home Office's Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), chaired by the MSU's Professor David Metcalf, published its first list of UK industries in need of foreign labour and those which are fully subscribedin October 2008.

Down to the detail of sheep shearers and ballerinas, the report recommended a 30 per cent cut in jobs available to foreign workers and promises to have a great impact on the future of British immigration and labour policy.

This event was a discussion of the MAC's findings, featuring the personal impressions of Professor Metcalf himself, and commentary from a panel of experts.