About us

About us

The Migration Studies Unit (MSU) was founded at the LSE in Spring 2007 as a multidisciplinary research unit spanning the complementary fields of political science, sociology, anthropology, geography, economics, and law. The Unit was launched to provide a home for migration scholars from inside and outside LSE.

The LSE MSU aims to:

  1. Organise public lectures, panel discussions and conferences with academics, policymakers, and community leaders in the broad realm of migration studies.
  2. Manage a reading group that meets fortnightly so migration scholars can exchange ideas about new books and articles in the field.
  3. Act as the host for the London Migration Research Group (LMRG), an inter-university and interdisciplinary network of migration scholars.
  4. Provide an interactive forum for colleagues to engage and communicate with one another via our email list and website.
  5. Co-ordinate grant applications for projects that will help to expand our current knowledge about migration.
  6. Host working papers from our lecture series and research students from the LSE and around London.

Your involvement and support of the LSE MSU is encouraged. We welcome your ideas for new ways to engage with migration issues.

The MSU logo

The Migration Studies Unit's mascot and trademark logo is the intrepid Monarch Butterfly.
This splendid creature has been regularly undertaking one of the most extraordinary migrations long before the age of globalisation. It is the only butterfly that migrates both north and south in the manner of birds. In North America, Monarchs go from Mexico and and the Caribbean into the United States and Canada for warmer seasons. And in Europe, they migrate from North Africa to Western Europe.

As no single butterfly can survive the entire journey, their endeavours are continued by their offspring.

Frequently asked questions

Would the LSE Migration Studies Unit be interested in co-organising a conference, lecture, or event?

Yes. Please contact Carolyn Armstrong.

Does the LSE MSU offer fellowships? 

We do not currently offer any fellowships for students or guest scholars. Unfortunately, we cannot offer desks for visiting researchers either. When this changes, we will advertise it through the website.

Does the LSE Migration Studies Unit offer migration related programmes and courses?

Yes - the Migration Studies Unit has close ties with the MSc International Migration and Public Policy Programme, which is administered by the Department of Government and jointly run by academics from the Departments of Government, Sociology and the European Institute. Please see the programme page for further details and a list of relevant course.

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