New strategies in human resources

Knowledge Transfer

Thursday 28 January 2009
Chair: David Marsden - LSE Centre for Economic Performance


  • Adam Sharples
, Director General for Employment, DWP
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  • Jan Parkinson, Managing Director of Local Government Employers
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  • Overview

    The recession offers public authorities important opportunities to restructure their workforces by recruiting more skilled staff who are made available by the decline in private employment growth. This is an opportune time to move towards a public sector with fewer but better staff, especially in the context of digitalization and the ability of new databases to support more decentralized decision-making and one-stop services.

    • Adam Sharples will begin the seminar by discussing how government in general, and DWP in particular, can tackle engaging and retaining high quality staff.
    • Jan Parkinson will then look at the strategies that local government have employed in this area.
    • Patrick Dunleavy will finally briefly look at a cross-country comparison of the recruitment and retention of staff by the public sector over the last few years and what good practice examples can be drawn from these comparators.


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