Investigating Academic Impact Conference

Monday 13 June 2011

We'd like to say a huge thank you to all the attendees, speakers, and organisational staff who helped make the  Investigating Academic Impact  conference on 13th June a success.

Almost 400 academics and researchers from across Europe were in attendance for a day of discussion and debate, covering topics such as the role of research mediators, blogging and academic communication, and innovative methods for public engagement.

Throughout the day, attendees used the Twitter hashtag#lseimpactconf  to report key information from speakers, debate some controversial questions, and feed back opinions and experiences from the day.

What's next for the Impact project?

We're also pleased to announce a series of smaller seminars which will take place over the next year. Each session will focus on a particular aspect of the impact debate, again with a fantastic selection of speakers.


Please click the seminar name to download the presentation

Panel 1: Current Thinking in Assessing Impact - (podcast for the entire morning session)

Panel 2: Innovative Methods for Impact and Engagement

Session A: Academic impact on policy-making (podcast)

Session B: A ‘how to’ guide to measuring your own academic impact (podcast)

Session C: Knowledge transfer and the role of research mediators (podcast)

Session D: Improving academic communication (podcast)

Concluding Panel: Research Impact and the REF(podcast)

  • Professor Rick Rylance (Chief Executive, Arts and Humanities Research Council)
  • David Sweeney (Director of Research, Innovation and Skills, HEFCE)
  • Professor Paul Wiles (Panel Chair, social work and social policy panel, REF impact pilot)
  • Astrid Wissenberg (Director of Partnerships and Communications, Economic and Social Research Council)
  • Chair: Tony Travers, LSE Greater London Group


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