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LSE Public Policy Group
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For enquiries please contact:

PPG Chair: Professor Patrick Dunleavy 

Tel: +44 (020) 7955 7178

About the Public Policy Group

The LSE Public Policy Group (PPG) was founded in 1998. Over the last ten years, the size and profile of the Group has grown considerably and PPG now includes members from many departments in the School and from other major universities. The Group conducts a mix of commercial and pro bono activities, including consulting, research, seminar and conference organising, and publications.

The Group undertakes consultancy and research work for:

  • Major government departments and Parliamentary agencies
  • Charities and interest groups
  • Media and public affairs organisations
  • Research councils and foundations
  • Major companies
  • Overseas government organisations
  • International organisations

The Group works closely with Enterprise LSE, who undertake project management and contract negotiations for all PPG consultancy activities, and with the LSE Research Grants and Contracts Office, who handle grant-funded research.

PPG's particular expertise is concentrated in the following areas:

  • Public policy evaluation and research
  • Public sector innovation
  • Public sector productivity
  • Analysis of new public management trends, especially privatisation, the private finance initiative, public-private   partnerships, contracting, regulation and outsourcing issues
  • Government citizen relations including information exchange via face to face, paper based and online communication methods
  • The impact of new information and communication technologies on governance including digital era government
  • All aspects of e-government and e-governance
  • Simulations of electoral systems, institutional innovation in government, and democracy initiatives
  • Design and implementation of opinion polls, surveys and analysis (both online and conventional)
  • Use of focus groups and qualitative comparative analysis as research tools

PPG coordinates, with the Careers Service, LSE Internships which places graduate students with members of parliament, peers and related political organisations.

The Group also provides training and induction courses on policy evaluation methods and on UK governance and public administration issues for senior personnel.

PPG publishes papers in Public Policy, focusing mainly on the central government and public administration, and a range of research analyses, most recently focusing on alternative electoral systems in Britain.

PPG has particular expertise in the development of public administration systems, organisational and governance arrangements in the public sector, quasi-governmental organisations, the role of information technology in government, government on the Web and related issues, the use of performance indicators and setting of targets, the operation of regulatory mechanisms, privatisation and public-private partnerships, the modelling of government-business interactions in contracting, change management in the public sector, linkages with the European Union, and the full range of 'joined-up' governance issues.  

PPG members have a close understanding of government accountability to Parliament and have served as advisors to several Parliamentary Select Committees, in addition to their awareness of Public Accounts Committee work. Some of the leading work on parliamentary accountability, central government management and core executive decision-making in the UK has been produced by PPG members.

PPG can provide talented multi-disciplinary teams in a wide range of fields, especially spanning IT policy issues, social policy and housing, general government administration, and regulatory policy. In the European field PPG can provide teams with multi-lingual capabilities, and more broadly they can cover both international policy and development policy issues.

LSE's close proximity to Parliament and Whitehall enables meetings and an interchange of information and views to be realised with ease, an important aspect in a close working relationship with Government and the public sector in general. PPG is committed to providing a flexible service to all clients, including all reasonable requests for consultation, feedback, dissemination and after-care work, which is included within the fixed prices for all our contracts.

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