Greater London Group


Tony Travers is the Director of the Greater London Group


The Greater London Group was set up in 1958 and carries out research into subjects relating to the government and economy of London and the South-East of England. The Group now works within LSE London, a cross-disciplinary research grouping that studies the development, economy and social aspects of urban areas in Britain and overseas.

There is an active research programme, which led to the publication of a major ESRC-funded study of the government of London in the wake of the reforms implemented in 2000. The Politics of London Governing an Ungovernable City (2004) by Tony Travers examined the creation of the office of Mayor of London, the London Assembly and the wider operation of urban politics in the capital.

Studies have considered the government and development of large cities, including Paris, Toronto and New York. Research has also been completed on the arts and culture in London and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in New York. The Group's 1996 study of BIDs contributed directly to the British government's decision to introduce them in England & Wales from 2004.

The Department of Government at LSE has a long and distinguished history of researching the government of London and other cities. Professor Patrick Dunleavy led a team during the mid-1980s that considered the impacts of abolishing the Greater London Council. A series of research monographs, known as The Greater London Papers, have from time to time been published, as are contemporary LSE London papers. Major seminars and conferences allow LSE's academic expertise to facilitate knowledge transfer to government, the private sector and NGOs.

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