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How to contact us
 c/o Simon Hix
 Department of Government
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 and Political Science
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 United Kingdom
 (e-mail: s.hix@lse.ac.uk)

European parliament research group (EPRG)

EPRG was founded in March 1998 and brings together some of the leading scholars of the European Parliament from Europe and North America.

EPRG aims to improve our understanding of all aspects of political behaviour and institutions in the European Parliament, and to raise the profile and sophistication of research on the European Parliament.

To this end, EPRG seeks to:

  • develop collaborative research agendas and co-ordinate our individual research projects;
  • share our existing knowledge, expertise, and data, and co-ordinate data collection to avoid replication;
  • engage with practitioners in the European Parliament and other 'end users' of political science research at every stage of the research process;
  • place our research outputs in leading academic journals and university presses (see working papers); and
  • connect research on the European Parliament to the general study of legislative behaviour and institutions in political science.