Comparative Politics Group

The Government Department’s Comparative Politics Group brings together a wide range of expertise on the politics of all major world regions, with a particular focus on the developing world. It provides the largest and most diverse course offerings on non-Western politics of any UK university, provided by faculty who are full-time specialists of the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Africa as well as Europe.

While the size and diversity of the comparative politics program leaves students a large range of courses to build their own intellectual profile, there is a shared commitment to a comparative, disciplinary perspective and methodological rigour that distinguishes a Comparative Politics degree from narrower “area studies” programs.

The faculty in the CP group teaches and researches on major themes of world politics, such as:

  • Ethnic politics and nationalism
  • Conflict
  • Development
  • Democracy and democratization
  • Political economy
  • Popular politics
  • Comparative political institutions

Beyond their research, members of the CP group are actively involved in international policy debates and public policy consulting, drawing on the LSE’s strategic location and institutional links.

Comparative Politics prepares its graduates for careers in areas like international diplomacy, journalism, development, the public sector, as well as further research.

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