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Conflict Research Group


The Conflict Research Group (CRG) is a multi-disciplinary research and consultancy unit. Its members include leading experts in conflict-related research from five of LSE's academic departments, including Government, International Relations, Sociology, the Methodology Institute, and the European Institute.

The CRG provides expertise on the causes and dynamics of violent conflict, and the policy responses to it, whether in democratic or authoritarian states.

Our activities are supported by the LSE Department of Government.


How has violent political conflict changed over the last two centuries?

19 May 2016: How Has Violent Political Conflict Changed Over the Last Two Centuries?

The Conflict Research Group (LSE) and the Conflict, Security & Development Research Group (King’s College London), co-host a public lecture with Stathis N. Kalyvas.

“Rape is not the unavoidable collateral damage of war… it is not the victims who should suffer the stigma of rape, but the perpetrators.” – Elisabeth Jean Wood19 May 2016: Rape as a Practice of War

The Conflict Research Group (LSE), The Centre for Women, Peace & Security (LSE) and the Conflict, Security & Development Research Group (King’s College London), will co-host a public lecture with Elisabeth Jean Wood.


Neither War nor Peace: Bosnia’s Lessons for Post-Conflict Peace-Building

Conflict Research Group public lecture

Monday 1 November 2016 | 18.30 - 20.00
Room TW1 G.01, ground floor of Tower 1, LSE

Speaker: Chris Bennett, Former Deputy High Representative in Bosnia and author of Bosnia’s Paralysed Peace

Chair: Denisa Kostovicova, Associate Professor in Global Politics, Government Department, LSE

Listen to the event podcast.


Photograph © 2008 Jens Meierhenrich


Latest research papers by the Conflict Research Group

Brendan OLeary

The Federalization of Iraq and the Break-up of Sudan

Speaker: Professor Brendan O'Leary
Recorded on: 31 October 2011