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Will Whitehall's chief come back home to the Treasury? - Journal Article
Professor George Jones & Andrew Blick have recently published an article in Parliamentary Brief Vol.13, Issue 12, November 2011. The article addresses the reconfiguration at the centre of Whitehall through the separation of the posts of cabinet secretary and the head of the home civil service, in the wake of the departure of Sir Gus O'Donnell.

The Center Will Always Hold - Journal Article
Professor George Jones, working with John Stewart, has recently published an article on the balance of power between central and local government in The MJ, the online management journal for local authority business. Visit the journal to read the article for subscribers to this publication, and those who would like to subscribe.

A Federal Future for the UK: the Options
Dr Andrew Blick and Professor George Jones

Federal-Future CoverFederalism is defined as ‘a system of government in which central and regional authorities are linked in an interdependent political relationship, in which powers and functions are distributed to achieve a substantial degree of autonomy and integrity in the regional units. In theory, a federal system seeks to maintain a balance such that neither level of government becomes sufficiently dominant to dictate the decision of the other, unlike in a unitary system, in which the central authorities hold primacy to the extent even of redesigning or abolishing regional and local units of government at will’.

This is the third pamphlet in a series which uses federalism as an analytical framework to discuss the developing constitutional structure of the UK.



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