The New Coalition Government

The Road to Recovery: what can government do in the current economic crisis?

Nick Clegg Speaking at the LSE

Speaker: Rt. Hon Nick Clegg MP
Chair: Tony Travers
Date: Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mr Clegg opened his address to the packed hall on the LSE campus in agreement with Christine Lagarde, the Chief of the International Monetary Fund. On 27th August Ms Legarde warned that the Global Economy had entered a 'dangerous new phase', but Nick Clegg believes the UK has taken the necessary precautions in time, comparing the situation favourably to neighbours in the EU zone. He stated; 'When we came into power our deficit was bigger that Spain's, Italy's, Portugal's, even Greece's. Because we set out a decisive plan to reduce it, we have not been picked off by the markets.'

Mr Clegg outlined the government's plans to encourage and support growth within the UK market through investment in infrastructure, and encouraging external investment. He said that the plans were 'about economics not ideology', and that to access the support on offer development programmes must be 'socially sustainable, economically sustainable, and environmentally sustainable'. 40 major infrastructure projects, including Crossrail and 'the best superfast broadband network in Europe', are to get 'priority status'.

To listen to a podcast or read a transcript of the Deputy Prime Minister's speech, and the ensuing Q&A session. To read the experts' responses, visit the blog.

Are the New Conservatives conservative?

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Speakers: Daniel Finkelstein, Professor Roger Scruton

The newly reinvigorated Tories describe themselves as liberal, progressive, and even radical. But these ideas have long been an anathema to conservative thinkers. Are the new Conservatives really conservative? Daniel Finkelstein is executive editor and chief leader writer at The Times and is an LSE alumnus. Roger Scruton is resident researcher at the American Enterprise Institute and visiting professor in philosophy, Oxford University.

This event was recorded on 26 November 2010 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
Available as: mp3 (42 MB; approx 91 minutes)
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