LSE Elections UK

LSE Elections UK brings together academic and other experts on political polling and elections in Britain.  Our aim is to share data, information and expertise to improve our understanding of how elections and political opinion are changing in Britain, and share this understanding via conferences, seminars and wide public engagement.  We are non-partisan and reflect a plural range of political and other interests.  

LSE Elections UK will, over time, be able to conduct or commission research into the make-up and views of citizens, elected representatives, party members, and think-tanks.

The 2011 census, coupled with other statistics, will provide significant detail about changes to the UK population.  Understanding such data by the use of advanced analytical techniques will make it possible to examine regional and local variations from national trends.

Researchers will explore and interpret the data sources, using advanced statistical techniques, to test theories and produce outputs including journal articles, monographs, reports and blogs.  These outputs will, in turn, become the basis of discussion and debate in conferences, seminars and other events. 

The centre will pioneer engagement beyond academic events and articles to broaden the appeal of understanding of politics in Britain. It will cooperate with other institutions and individuals to create a London ‘hub’ for electoral and related debate.