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British Government @ LSE

British Government

British Government@LSE is an initiative currently based in the Government Department to promote and develop research on British Government being conducted at the LSE. So far world class speakers have attended our events, talking on a range of topics.
Past events are available on the left hand side menu.

From time to time there are changes to event details so we strongly recommend that if you plan to attend this event you check back on this listing on the day of the event.

If you would like to learn more about the British Government @ LSE programme please email gov.britgov@lse.ac.uk| and ask to join the mailing list.

Twitter and Facebook

You can get immediate notification on the availability of an event podcast by following LSE public lectures and events on Twitter, which will also inform you about the posting of transcripts and videos, the announcement of new events and other important event updates. 

Our Next Events:

Rebuilding National Parties: A Strategy for Labour in the South and The Tories in the North


Date: Wednesday 30th April
Time: 16:00 - 19:30
Venue: NAB.2.14
Speakers: John Denham, Professor Simon Hix, Peter Kellner, David Skelton, Professor Tony Travers
Chair: Emma Duncan


This conference will feature John Denham, MP for Southampton; Professor Simon Hix, head of the Government Department at LSE; Peter Kellner who is a journalist and political commentator; David Skelton, former Policy Exchange; and Professor Tony Travers, LSE.

Emma Duncan is the Deputy Editor of The Economist. She has held several other posts on the paper previously, including Britain Editor, Asia Editor and chief reporter, writer and editor on climate change.



Twitter: #LSEnational


Lord Patten: Future of the BBC


Date: Wednesday 14th May
Time: 18:30 - 20:00
Venue: Old Theatre
Speaker: Christopher Patten
Chair: Tony Travers

Chris Patten (Lord Patten of Barnes), former European commissioner for external relations, is BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten will speak about the ‘Future of the BBC’ in a wide-ranging public lecture which will consider the ways the Corporation needs to adapt within Britain’s changing broadcasting and political environment. Controversy has been a notable feature of the BBC’s recent past and is likely to remain an ever-present challenge. Chris Patten is one of the country’s most respected public figures who, as Chairman of the BBC, finds himself charged with securing its future.


Twitter: #LSEBBC

Revolt On The Right

Revolt On The Right

Date: Monday 19th May
Time: 18:30 - 20:00
Venue: Alumni Theatre (NAB.LG.09)
Speakers: Matthew Goodwin and Robert Ford
Chair: Tony Travers


Dr Rob Ford will be the speaker who will give the lecture, Matthew Godwin will be there obviously, and can join the panel discussion as the co-author afterwards.





Research Seminars

The new academic year will see the introduction of a new Research Seminar programme where LSE academics will discuss their work in their area of British Government. 

This series of events is now over but we hope to begin again in 2013-14.

All past seminars are available here.| 

Tony Travers

GV311: British Government|

The British Government course (GV311) is a new Undergraduate Course with open public access.

Members of the public are welcome to attend any or all of the weekly lectures or to follow the course online. The whole event and seminar package will appear online after they have been edited and upload.



Why British Government@LSE?

The LSE has always been closely involved in the study, advice and development of British Government with many of our students moving into careers in civil and public service as well as politics, and many of our most notable Professors have contributed to the understanding and development of British Government and politics.



GV311: British Government|
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