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British Government @ LSE

British Government

British Government@LSE is an initiative currently based in the Government Department to promote and develop research on British Government being conducted at the LSE. So far world class speakers have attended our events, talking on a range of topics.
Past events are available on the left hand side menu.

From time to time there are changes to event details so we strongly recommend that if you plan to attend this event you check back on this listing on the day of the event.

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Our Next Events:

Defence & foreign policy

Date: Thursday 12 February
Time: 18:30 - 20:00
Venue: CLM 2.02
Speakers: Chris Brown, Michael Cox, Toby Dodge
Chair: Professor Tony Travers


Defence & foreign policyBritain has in recent years been involved in a series of international interventions and peace-keeping efforts. At the same time, the armed forces have been reduced in size. The complexity of the international challenges facing the British government has increased as its resources reduce. This panel will consider the options facing the post-May government and the costs of sustaining an effective role overseas.


Social policy and inequality

Date: Wednesday 25 February
Time: 18:30 - 20:00
Venue: CLM.2.02
Speakers: John Hills & Tim Newburn
Chair: Professor Tony Travers


The government taking office in May 2015 faces a series of problems. The NHS is widely seen as requiring additional real terms funding; local public services inevitably face further cuts and inequality is increasing. Yet all parties are committed to reducing the government’s deficit, which will entail further reductions to public expenditure. This panel will look at the policies which might be pursued to improve the performance of public services in what is likely to be a period of continuing austerity.



Date: Wednesday 4 March
Time: 18:30 - 20:00
Venue: CLM.4.02
Speakers: Charles Goodhart, Nancy Holman, Anne Power
Chair: Christine Whitehead


Britain’s population is rising, particularly in South East England. For many years, house-building has lagged the growth in household numbers. Parties are committed to expanding house-building, though the recent past suggests there are a series of obstacles to delivering the 200,000 homes per annum required. Policy solutions to the housing crisis will be examined in this panel, along with the political and popular obstacles to bringing down house prices.



Date: Wednesday 11 March
Time: 18:30 - 20:00
Venue: CLM.2.02
Speakers: Damian Chalmers, Maurice Fraser, Simon Hix, Sara Hobolt, Michiel Van Hulten
Chair: Professor Tony Travers


The 2015 general election may be a stepping-stone to a referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union. The issue of immigration, linked to the free movement of people within the EU, has become highly salient within British politics. This panel will consider the forces influencing the debate about Britain and Europe and will also hear a view about how the debate is seen from inside the core of the EU. ‘Europe’ will be one of the most important issues affecting the outcome of the 2015 election.


The Economy

Date: Wednesday 18 March
Time: 18:30 - 20:00
Venue: CLM.4.02
Speakers: Alan Manning, John Van Reenen
Chair: Oriana Bandiara


Britain suffered a long and deep recession followed by a significant rebound in 2014-15. But the post-May Chancellor will be under pressure to cut the £90bn deficit, improve productivity, strengthen the country’s skills base and to ‘rebalance’ the economy. External threats to longer-term recovery remain substantial. This panel will analyse the problems facing the incoming government and, building on the report of the LSE Growth Commission, propose solutions.




Research Seminars

We recently ran a new Research Seminar programme where LSE academics discussed their work in their area of British Government. 

This series of events is now over but we hope to begin again soon.

All past seminars are available here.| 

Tony Travers

GV311: British Government|

The British Government course (GV311) is a new Undergraduate Course with open public access.

Members of the public are welcome to attend any or all of the weekly lectures or to follow the course online. The whole event and seminar package will appear online after they have been edited and upload.



Why British Government@LSE?

The LSE has always been closely involved in the study, advice and development of British Government with many of our students moving into careers in civil and public service as well as politics, and many of our most notable Professors have contributed to the understanding and development of British Government and politics.

GV311: British Government|
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