Temi Ogunye

Temi Ogunye

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

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Thesis: 'What are individuals’ responsibilities in different conditions of (domestic) injustice?'

The world is characterised by widespread and persistent social injustice, which raises the question: what should individuals do to contest this? This issue is complicated by the fact that social injustice can take many forms, and the appropriate remedy may be different in each of them. Closing the gender pay gap is likely to require a very different remedy, secured by very different means of contestation, to those used to achieve votes for women, for example. The aim of my PhD is to identify the different forms social injustice can take and the different means via which these forms should be contested.

Research interests

  • Social justice (both domestic and global)
  • Resistance and activism (including militancy)
  • Social ontology

Selected publications

  • ‘Global Justice and Transnational Civil Disobedience,’ Ethics & Global Politics, Vol. 8, 2015. Available online: http://dx.doi.org/10.3402/egp.v8.27217
  • ‘Can the Right of Necessity Be Both Personal and Political?,’ Krisis, Issue 2, 2017. Available online: http://krisis.eu/can-the-right-of-necessity-be-both-personal-and-political/

Teaching record

  • Contemporary Political Theory