Omar Hammoud Gallego

Omar Hammoud Gallego

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

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English, German, Italian, Spanish
Key Expertise
Migration and Public Policies, European Common Asylum System

About me

Thesis: 'Understanding the Tide: A Comparative Analysis of Policy Responses to Refugee Inflows'

Omar’s research examines the factors influencing variations in migration and asylum policies across countries. He has recently developed a new methodology (“Regional IMPALA”) to classify asylum policies and explain variation over time across different countries. An early application of this methodology to Latin America (1990-2018) will be available shortly.

Omar teaches at the LSE and is currently involved in a research project on Immigrant Access to Employment in the UK and Germany, financed by LSE STICERD.

Before joining the LSE, Omar worked as a consultant at the United Nations’ International Fund for Agricultural Development in Italy, and for the United Nations’ Higher Commissioner for Refugees in Colombia. He holds an MSc in International Relations of the Americas from University College London, and a BA in Philosophy and Economics from the University of Heidelberg.

Research interests

  • Asylum and Migration Policies

  • European Politics and Institutions

  • Latin American Politics

Teaching record

  • GV101 – Introduction to Political Science (2018/19)

  • IR204 – International Migration, Social Integration and Public Policy (2018/2019) 

  • GV264 – Politics and Institutions in Europe (2019/2020)