Jared J. Finnegan

Jared J. Finnegan

PhD Candidate

Department of Government

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Thesis: 'The political economy of climate change policy'

Jared's research examines variation in climate change policy adoption across the advanced democracies. It seeks to develop a theory of climate policy adoption based on the divergent incentives generated for public and private actors by national political institutions. It also examines the role of electoral competition in shaping the stringency of carbon and energy taxes. Jared is also affiliated with the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

Supervisors: David Soskice, Joachim Wehner and Kai Spiekermann

Research interests

  • Comparative political economy
  • Climate change and environmental policy
  • Long-term policymaking
  • Institutions
  • Electoral competition

Teaching record

  • GV227: Politics of economic policy
  • IR102: Capitalism, Democracy and Equality: The Political Economy of the Advanced Nations