Research Student destinations


PhD destinations 2014
Graduate  Supervisor  Destination
Verena Ernestine Kroth Dr Joachim WEHNER SEM Finance and Development, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
Ting Luo Dr Valentino LARCINESE Post-Doctoral Fellow,. Department of Political Science, Leiden University
May Chu Prof Martin LODGE Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Richard Davis Prof James HUGHES CEO & Managing Senior Fellow, Artis International
Andrew Charles Yorke Dr David WOODRUFF Business intelligence professional and political analyst covering Russia and FSU, freelancer
Feyzi Karabekir Akkoyunlu Prof Dominic LIEVEN Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for South-East European Studies, University of Graz
Durukan Kuzu Dr Douglas HUTCHINSON Research Associate, Coventry University
Ignazio De Ferrari Dr Francesco PANIZZA Working in private sector
Mariana Escobar Arango Prof John SIDEL Deputy Director, Department of Social Prosperity, Government of Colombia
Michael James Farquhar Dr John CHALCRAFT Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Department of Politics and International Studies, SOAS
Edward St John Hall Prof Paul KELLY Lecturer in Political Theory, The University of Sheffield
Mariana Kriel Prof John BREUILLY Lecturer, University of the Free State, Linguistics and Language Practice
Camilo Emiliano Saavedra Herrera Prof George PHILIP Centrode Estudios Políticos, The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
Luke Adam Ulas Prof Chandran KUKATHAS Post-doctoral Fellow, Justitia Amplificata ("Rethinking Justice - Applied and Global") is a Centre for Advanced Studies (Kolleg-Forschergruppe) at the Goethe-Universität of Frankfurt am Main
Rikke Wagner Prof Anne PHILLIPS Head of Section, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Matthew Whiting Dr William KISSANE

Lecturer in British and Comparative European, University of Kent


PhD destinations 2013
Graduate  Supervisor  Destination
Nai Rui Chng Prof John SIDEL Affiliate Research Fellow in Human Rights, University of Glasgow

Philipp Krause
Prof Patrick DUNLEAVY Head of BSI Research, Overseas Development Institute
Mauricio Ivan Dussauge Laguna Prof Edward PAGE Guest Research Professor, Division of Public Administration, Center for Research and Teaching in Economics
Angus Ian HughFane-Hervey David Held Co-Founder, Future Crunch, Australia; Manager, Random Hacks of Kindness
Pietro Maffettone Prof Paul KELLY Lecturer in Global Politics and Ethics in the School of Government and International Affairs, Durham Univeristy
Maja Kluger Rasmussen Prof Edward PAGE LSE Fellow in Public Policy and Administration, London School of Economics
Aslan Amani Prof Chandran KUKATHAS Adjunct Lecturer, Trent University
Julie Anna Braun Dr Michael BRUTER Teaching Fellow, LSE
Sonia Bussu Prof Edward PAGE Researcher, Involve
Alia Mossallam Dr John CHALCRAFT Journalist, Egypt Independent
Ka Lei JamesWong Prof Christian LIST Lecturer at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
Lila Caballero-Sosa Prof George PHILIP Head of Projects, Counterpoint
Ashikur Rahman Prof Torun DEWAN Senior Economist at Policy Research Institute PRI
Chien-Kang Chen Prof Paul KELLY Postdoctoral Fellow, Academia Sinica
Jessica Brook RobertsTarlov Prof Torun DEWAN Senior Strategist, Schoen Consulting


PhD destinations 2012
Graduate  Supervisor  Destination
Andrzej Bolesta Dr Chun LIN Economic Counsellor, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Bangkok
Julia Sofia Pomares Prof Simon HIX Director of Political Institutions, Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC)
Ulrike Gisela Theuerkauf Dr Paul MITCHELL Editor at Association for the Study of Ethinicty and Nationalism, London School of Economics
Johannes Marcus Wolff Prof Edward PAGE Deputy Director, Planning and Performance at HM Treasury
Ursula Melissa Durand Ochoa Dr Francesco PANIZZA Programme Coordinator for the Latin America International Affairs Programme, LSE IDEAS
Kanokrat Lertchoosakul Prof John SIDEL Lecturer in Political Science,  Chulalongkorn University
Madurika Rasaratnam Prof John BREUILLY Lecturer in International Conflict Analysis, University of Kent
Francesca Biancani Dr John CHALCRAFT Adjunct Professor in History and Institutions of the Middle East at Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna
Linnea Cecilia Mills Dr Joachim WEHNER Independent researcher/consultant on governance-related topics
Jacqueline Wendy Baker Prof John SIDEL Lecturer, Southeast Asian Politics, Murdoch University
Rachel Wai YinTsang Prof Chandran KUKATHAS Senior Research Officer at UK Ministry of Justice
Simon John Bastow Prof Patrick DUNLEAVY Senior Research Fellow, LSE Public Policy Group, LSE
David John Marshall Prof Simon HIX Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Political Science, Salzburg University
Jose Javier Olivas Osuna Prof Martin LODGE LSE 100 Fellow, Netivist Founder, editor for  Euro Crisis in the Press blog
Michael Larry AndrewSeiferling Dr Valentino LARCINESE Currently travelling - used to be Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund
Maha Aziz Prof John SIDEL Professor of Politics (part-time) in Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, New York University; Lead Analyst, Wikistrat; CNN World and Huffington Post Blogger
Jessica Blythe Templeton Dr Cheryl SCHONHARDT-BAILEY Deputy Director of LSE100
Baldwin Bon-Wah Wong Prof Chandran KUKATHAS Teaching Assistant and Part-time Assistant Professor,  Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Hong Kong
Christopher Gandrud Dr Cheryl SCHONHARDT-BAILEY Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Fiscal Governance Centre, Hertie School of Governance
Heidi Leigh Matisonn Prof Paul KELLY Lecturer, School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Robert Stephen EdwardSchertzer Dr Douglas HUTCHINSON Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto
Eric Taylor Woods Dr Douglas HUTCHINSON Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Sociology and a member of the Centre for Narrative Research, University of East London and  Faculty Fellow at the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale University
Anar Ahmadov Prof James HUGHES Assistant Professor of Comparative Political Economy, Leiden University
Jan-Emmanuel C J M De Neve Prof Simon HIX Lecturer in Political Economy and Behavioral Science, UCL


PhD destinations 2011
Graduate  Supervisor  Destination
Thomas Skerik Sowers Prof Martin LODGE Visiting Assistant Professor of the Practice in the Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University
Jianyong Yue Dr Chun LIN Teaching Fellow in Chinese Politics, Kings College London
Federico Carlos Baradello Dr Eiko THIELEMANN Associate, Kirkland and Ellis LLP
Reza Pankhurst Dr John CHALCRAFT Independent political scientist and historian, published a book on The Inevitable Caliphate
Alexander Christoph Leveringhaus Cecile Fabre Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, ELAC and Delft University of Technology, James Martin Fellow (Oxford Martin School), Oxford University
Jeremy Scott Williams Cecile Fabre Fellow, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, University of Birmingham
Amelie Lavinia Barras Dr John CHALCRAFT Assistant Professor, Department of Social Science, York University
Monica Garcia-Quesada Prof Mark THATCHER FNRS Researcher, Free University of Brussels, Belgium
Sarah Helen Mclaughlin Prof Simon HIX Policy & Communication Officer at European Commission
Rupert William Evenett Prof Paul KELLY Social entrepreneur
Anna Katherine Boucher Dr Eiko THIELEMANN Lecturer, Department of Government and International Relations, The University of Sydney
Camillia Eve HaihanKong Prof Katrin FLIKSCHUH British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow,The Ethox Centre, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford


PhD destinations 2010
Graduate  Supervisor  Destination
Gabriel Farfan-Mares Prof George PHILIP Professor, Department of Economics, Ibero-American University
Muriel Kahane Prof Anne PHILLIPS Programme/Policy Analyst, UN Woman
Sabine Ulrike Selchow Prof Mary KALDOR Fellow, Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit, International Development, London School of Economics & University of Munich
Parag Khanna David Held Adjunct Professor in the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore
Nicholas Walter Vivyan Prof Simon HIX Lecturer in the School of Government and International Affairs, Unversity of Durham
Kevin Lloyd Young Dr Mathias KOENIG-ARCHIBUGI Assistant Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Nikolaos Chrysoloras Prof Kevin FEATHERSTONE Journalist, Bloomberg News
Sarah Harrison Dr Michael BRUTER Research Officer, Department of Government, LSE
Susana Berruecos Garcia Travesi Dr Francesco PANIZZA Director of International Financial Organisms, Nacional Financiera
James Stephen Gledhill Prof Katrin FLIKSCHUH Assistant Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration, The University of Hong Kong
Justin Daniel Gest David Held Assistant Professor of Public Policy, School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs, George Mason University
Cecile Marie AnnickHoareau Prof Martin LODGE Senior Analyst, RAND Corporation
Gabriele  Birnberg Prof Simon HIX Manager, Deloitte


PhD destinations 2009
Graduate  Supervisor  Destination
André Azevedo Alves Keith Dowding Assistant Professor at Institute of Political Studies, Catholic University of Portugal
Chiara Jasson Dr Michael BRUTER Founder, Better Food Consulting
Sofia Sebastian Aparicio Prof James HUGHES Associate Fellow, FRIDE (think tank)
Paolo Subrato Dasgupta Prof Mark THATCHER Senior Associate, International Department, Financial Conduct Authority
Romina Miorelli Dr Francesco PANIZZA International Consultant, World Bank; before she was a lecturer at University of Westminister
Camille Andree MarieMonteux Prof Mary KALDOR Research Associate, Z-Ben Advisors
Markus Wagner Prof Simon HIX Assistant professor in quantitative methods at the Department of Methods in the Social Sciences at the University of Vienna
Iavor Rangelov Prof Mary KALDOR Global Security Research Fellow, Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit, International Development, London School of Economics
Steven Jeffrey Mock Dr Douglas HUTCHINSON Assistant professor,
Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, Waterloo University
Juan Ernesto Pardinas Prof George PHILIP Director General, El Instituto Mexicano para la Competitividad (IMCO)
Leonidas Makris John Gray Advisor to the Mayor of Thessaloniki
Holly Jarman Prof Edward PAGE Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, University of Michigan
Zsuzsanna Chappell Prof Christian LIST Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Manchester
Barton Thomas Edgerton Prof Paul KELLY Associate Director, CEB
Adriana Jimenez-Cuen Prof George PHILIP Fund Portfolio Manager, The Global Fund
Matthew Breay Bolton Prof Mary KALDOR Assistant Professor of Political Science, Pace University
Guy Burton Dr Francesco PANIZZA Assistant Professor, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham