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Capped Courses 2017/18 (postgraduate)

Capped and Controlled Access Courses 2017/18

Some of our graduate courses are capped or have ‘controlled access’ due to limited places and/or prerequisites that are required in order to study the course. If a course is capped, you must request a place on that course, and (in some cases) provide reasons supporting your request. Capped courses are capped for a reason; this is to ensure students are able to take the core courses on their programme before students on other programmes are given the opportunity to take the course as an additional outside option.

The below postgraduate courses are capped for the 2017/18 academic year (these are updated so it is worth checking this list regularly throughout the summer). Instructions on how to apply for capped courses will be supplied to all students at induction. (updated 29/06/2017)

Please note: standard group size is set at 15 students.

Capped postgraduate courses 2015/16 (updated 06/03/15)

Course Code

Course Name


Application Policy

Network Regulation 2 groups  TBC
Contemporary Disputes About Justice 2 groups  TBC
GV441 States and Markets 3 groups  TBC
GV444 Democracy and Development in Latin America 2 groups  TBC
GV465 War, Peace and the Politics of National Self-Determination 4 groups  TBC
GV477 Comparative Public Policy Change 2 groups  TBC
GV488 Law and Politics of Regulation 1 group  TBC
GV4A2 Citizens’ Political Behaviour in Europe: Elections Public Opinion and Identities 2 groups  TBC
GV4A5 International Migration and Immigration Management 2 groups  TBC
GV4B6 Kant's Political Philosophy 2 groups  TBC
GV4B7 The Liberal Idea of Freedom 2 groups TBC
GV4C2 Globalization, Conflict and Post – Totalitarianism 2 groups  TBC
GV4C5 Politics of Economic Policy 1 group  TBC
GV4C9 Democratization and its Discontents in Southeast Asia 1 group  TBC
GV4D3 Local Power in an Era of Globalization, Democratization and Decentralization 2 groups  TBC
GV4D4 The Politics of Inequality and Redistribution 3 groups   TBC
GV4D7 Dilemmas of Equality 2 groups  TBC

Comparative Democratisation in a Global Age

2 groups TBC
GV4E2 Capitalism and Democracy 3 groups  TBC
GV4E8 Conflict and Institutional Design in Divided Societies 2 groups  TBC
GV4F2 Popular Politics in the Middle East 3 groups  TBC
GV4F4 Politics of Policy Advice 3 groups  TBC
GV4F5 Advanced Study of Key Political Thinkers 1 group  TBC

The Challenges of Governance and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa

2 groups TBC
GV4G1 Applied Quantitative Methods for Political Science 1 group  TBC
GV4G4 Comparative Conflict Analysis 3 groups  TBC
GV4G7 Marx and Marxism 2 groups  TBC
GV4H2 Contemporary India: The World’s Largest Democracy in the Early 21st Century 2 groups  TBC
GV4H3 Feminist Political Theory 2 groups  TBC
GV4H5 The Political Philosophy of Environmental Change 1 group  TBC
GV4H9 Armed Groups: Violence, Governance and Mobilization 2 groups  TBC
GV4J3 Public Opinion, Political Psychology and Citizenship 1 group  TBC
GV4J4 Citizen Representation and Democracy in the European Union 1 group  TBC

GVXXX Courses managed by a different Department

For historical reasons, the courses listed below begin with GVXXX but are not actually managed by the Department of Government. You are therefore advised to familiarise yourself with the guidance and deadlines provided by the Departments that are responsible for managing them. It is your responsibility to make contact with the relevant department to ensure you have the details of their application policies and deadlines.

GV4XXX courses managed by a different LSE Department
GV Course Code GV Course Title Department Course is Managed By:
GV478/E Political Science and Public Policy Institute of Public Affairs
GV488E Regulatory Analysis Institute of Public Affairs
GV4B3 MPA Capstone Project Institute of Public Affairs
GV4B4 MPA Dissertation Institute of Public Affairs
GV4J2E Pubic Policy in Practice - Workshop 2 (EMPP) Institute of Public Affairs
GV4E4 Public Budgeting and Financial Management Institute of Public Affairs
GV4E4E Fiscal Governance and Budgeting Institute of Public Affairs
GV4G8E Public Policy in Practice - Workshop 1 Institute of Public Affairs
GV4G9E Public Policy in Practice - Workshop 2 Institute of Public Affairs
GV4H8E Executive MPP Capstone Project Institute of Public Affairs
GV4J1E Public Policy in Practice - Workshop 1 (EMPP) Institute of Public Affairs