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Sustainability in the Government Department

The Department of Government actively supports the LSE’s Environmental Sustainability Policy, which aims to develop an “ …understanding of a complex and changing world through excellent teaching and research in the social sciences by promoting its work to policy makers and practitioners in the public, private and voluntary sectors.” 

The Department of Government is in an important position to help the school achieve its goals, and we are working to integrate sustainability into our educational, our research activities, and the day-to-day activities of the department.

Sustainability in Teaching

Within the course offerings of the Department, we currently have two courses that focus specifically on sustainability. 

  1. GV305: Sustainability Science and Policy: Problems and Perspectives:An advanced seminar for third year undergraduate students. 
  2. GV4F6: The Philosophy and Politics of Environmental Change: An MSc course offered by faculty in the Political Theory group. 

In addition, every year students at all level take advantage of offerings around the school, including the departments of Geography, International Development, and International Relations, to further their studies of sustainable development as it relates to political science and policy.

Sustainability Research

We have a number of academics in the Department whose research is actively involved with various issues related to sustainable development, including political economy of development, foreign aid, climate change, green innovation and conservation. Faculty with research interests in this area include:

Sustainability in Practice

The Department of Government has participated in the Green Impact programme since 2011, when it achieved Bronze Status. The Department has improved steadily, earning Silver in 2012 and Silver Plus in 2013. We are also the first department at the LSE to have its Green Impact Team led by members of the academic staff. To date, faculty involved in the scheme have included:

Every year, we have also had a number of students involved in these efforts – something else that we are very proud of as a Department. 

In 2013, Kira Matus was named the LSE’s Environmental Hero for her work integrating sustainability into her research, teaching, and for her work on the Department’s Green Impact Team.