Cumberland Lodge

Cumberland Lodge

Every year, the Government Department arranges a residential weekend to Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park. A former Royal residence, the Lodge is now managed by an educational trust which offers the venue for short academic conferences. The trip provides a great opportunity for staff and students to socialise together in a beautiful setting, whilst engaging in an exciting programme of lectures and debates.

Students have the opportunity to explore the grounds of Windsor Great Park or visit Windsor Castle during the free afternoon on Saturday; there is also a social event at the Lodge on Saturday night. Students may also choose to go to the Royal Chapel on Sunday morning.

This year's retreat was entitled 'Multiculturalism, Migration, and Minorities: The Changing Face of Europe'.  It brought together several of the world's leading specialists of Islamic theology, comparative democratization, and Middle East area studies. Past conferences have explored topics ranging from 'Islam, Democracy and the Future of the Midle East' to 'Liberty and Security in an Age of Terror' and included distinguished speakers from the LSE as well as the UK and international universities and institutions.

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