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What Next Workshop Agenda

Workshop – IPRs & The Global Civil Society Reform Project: What Next?
LSE, Friday 18 November 2011

9:30     Coffee & Registration
10:00   Welcome:

10:10 – 11:30

Global Civil Society and the Push for IPR Reforms

Realistic Expectations and the Global Civil Society Reform Effort: Is the Global IPR System Reformable?

 Forum Shifting and the Global Civil Society Reform Effort

Of Digital Necessity: Exceptions & Limitations in Copyright or Systemic Overhaul?


11:30   COFFEE

11:40 – 13:15

Civil Society and Transaction Cost Issues: Ironing out some of the problems

Proposals on Managing Orphan Works

Contract Law & Copyright Exceptions: What's at stake?

Copyright post-Hargreaves: A UKIPO Perspective -


13:15  LUNCH

14:00 – 15:30

The Future of the Reform Effort

 Reforming IPRs: The Big Picture

 Civil Society and the New Commercial Alliance  

 Reappraising A2K and other Movements

 A Future Role for Funding Organisations?


15:30   Way Forward, followed by Drinks

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