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Handbook of Transnational Governance

Handbook of Transnational Governance
|Held, David and Thomas Hale (eds) 2011
This latest volume seeks to present a comprehensive overview of new forms of transnational governance, and is an essential resource for those who want to explain why transborder governance has changed and to understand what implications these changes have for global politics.

Insecure Gulf

Insecure Gulf: The End of Certainty and the Transition to the Post-Oil Era
|Coates-Ulrichsen, Kristian (2011).
Columbia University Press
Kristian Coates-Ulrichsen, deputy director of the LSE Global Governance Kuwait research programme, provides the first detailed assessment of the developments in the Persian Gulf subregion in the post-oil era.

Democracy and Dissent

Democracy and Dissent: The Challenge of International Rule Making
|Vibert, Frank (2011).
Edward Elgar
Frank Vibert, senior visiting fellow at LSE Global Governance, examines the fundamental issues involved in attempts to rethink international institutions and their rule making procedures. He analyses the basic problems with the existing system and the main approaches to its reform.

The Governance of Climate Change

The Governance of Climate Change: Science, Politics & Ethics
|Held, David; Fane-Hervey, Angus and Marika Theros (eds) (2011).
How should we manage the types of risk posed by anthropogenic climate change? In this volume the editors have assembled a unique range of contributors who together examine the intersection between the science, politics, economics and ethics of climate change.

Global Civil Society 2011

Global Civil Society 2011: Globality and the Absence of Justice
|Albrow, Martin and Hakan Seckinelgin (2010).
Palgrave Macmillan
Inspired by the globality of justice concerns in the twenty-first century, 'Global Civil Society 2011' focuses on how civil society actors around the world are framing, contesting and promoting ideas about justice, as well as strategies to tackle the injustices people face.

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