Steve Gibbons

Professor of Economic Geography

Department of Geography and Environment


Room: STC 5.11, St Clement's Building, LSE / LRB 4.50, Lionel Robbins Building, LSE

Stephen Gibbons is a Professor of Economic Geography, and teaches urban economics, quantitative methods, applied spatial analysis, and Geographical Information Systems. Gibbons is also Director of the Spatial Economics Research Centre at LSE.

Research and teaching relates to spatial issues in the economics of education, transport, housing markets, labour markets, health and crime, with special emphasis on empirical methods that aim to understand causality and inform policy

  • Quantitative methods and econometrics
  • Geography and economics of education
  • Social interactions and neighbourhood effects
  • Spatial aspects of labour markets
  • Transport, crime, health, housing

Selected recent publications:

  • Gibbons, Stephen, Neumayer, Eric and Perkins, Richard (2015) Student satisfaction, league tables and university applications: evidence from Britain. Economics of Education Review, 48 . pp. 148-164.
  • Gibbons, S. and Telhaj, S., Peer Effects: Evidence from secondary school transition in England, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics online February 2015
  • Gibbons, S., Overman, H. and Patacchini, E., Spatial methods, Chapter 3 in Duranton, G., Henderson, J.V and W. Strange (eds.) Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics Volume 5, Elsevier, 2015


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Chair: Professor Steve Gibbons, LSE

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Steve Gibbons
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