Murray Low

Associate Professor of Human Geography; Programme Director, MSc Human Geography & Urban Studies (research)

Department of Geography & Environment


Tel:  [+44] (0)20 7955 7585

Room: STC 5.12, St Clement's Building, LSE

Murray Low's research focuses on relationships between geography and democracy including institutional and spatial aspects of elections, changing practices of accountability and legitimacy in cities, and the geography of political party organisations and social movements. His work has dealt with the relationships between global networks and democracy, constructions of globalization and states in geography, and geographical aspects of political representation. LowPoliticalGeographyHe has recently completed research funded by the Leverhulme Foundation into city democratisation in South Africa. His books include Spaces of Democracy: Geographical Perspectives on Citizenship, Participation and Representation (Sage, 2004), and The Sage Handbook of Political Geography (Sage, 2008), both of which he co-edited.

  • Geographies of political representation and democracy
  • Urban democratisation; urban politics and governance
  • Geography and political theory

Selected recent publications:

  • 'Political Geography in Question.' Political Geography 22, 625-31 (2003) Special issue co-edited with Kevin Cox.
  • 'After Globalization' Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 18 (1), 53-61, (with Clive Barnett)  (2000).


David Harvey at LSE

The 17 Contradictions of Capitalism

Thought capitalism was permanent? Think again. Leading Marxist geographer David Harvey (City University of New York) unravels the contradictions at the heart of capitalism and the drive to accumulate capital beyond the means of investing it.

Introduced by Dr Murray Low of the Department of Geography and Environment at LSE.

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Murray Low