Henry Overman

Professor of Economic Geography

Department of Geography and Environment

Email: h.g.overman@lse.ac.uk|

Room: STC 5.05a|, St Clement's Building, LSE

Henry Overman, BSc. (Bristol), MSc. (LSE), PhD. (LSE) is professor in Economic Geography in the Department of Geography and Environment at the London School of Economics and since September 2013, the director of the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth|.

From April 2008 to September 2013 he directed the Spatial Economics Research Centre|. His current research interests include the clustering of economic activity, the evolution of cities and the causes and consequences of urban sprawl. His research on clusters and urban sprawl has been published in leading economics journals (The Review of Economics Studies and The Quarterly Journal of Economics) while his work on city size distribution and the geography of UK trade has been published in leading economic geography journals (Environment and Planning and Journal of Economic Geography). He continues to publish in journals from both disciplines. He has provided policy advice to, amongst others, the European Commission, Department for International Development, Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Transport. He is also affiliated with the Centre for Economic Policy Research|'s International Trade Programme. In 2006 he was awarded the August Loesch Prize for outstanding research in the field of Regional Science, and in 2009, he won the Geoffrey J.D. Hewings Award for distinguished contributions to Regional Science research by scholars who have recently completed doctoral studies.

Urban Economics and Urban Policy|His latest book is Urban Economics And Urban Policy: Challenging Conventional Policy Wisdom| (Edward Elgar, 2014), with Paul Cheshire and Max Nathan

  • Applied urban and regional economics
  • Urban and regional economic policy 

Selected recent publications:


Re-igniting Growth|

ESRC report seeks an end to economic downturn|

The Re-igniting Growth report examines some of the challenges the UK faces after the economic downturn and explores a range of initiatives or changes to policy that could help kickstart growth. Many of the ideas in the report are being taken forward by the LSE Growth Commission|.

Among the LSE academics who contributed to the research was Professor Henry Overman|.

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VIDEO & AUDIO: The Economic Future of British Cities: what should urban policy do?|

In this LSE Works public lecture Professor Henry Overman examines how urban policy can address the profound challenges now faced by Britain’s cities, both in the short term as a result of the recession and in the long term as a result of underlying structural change.

Video & podcast|

Henry Overman|

VIDEO & AUDIO: How did London get away with it?: The Recession and the North-South Divide |

It was widely expected that London would, in the short to medium run, be the most severely hit of the UK regions in the recession initiated by the 2007-08 financial crisis. In this lecture Professor Henry Overman considers why this did not happen.

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