Hyun Bang Shin

Associate Professor of Geography and Urban Studies

Department of Geography and Environment

Email: h.b.shin@lse.ac.uk

Tel: [+44] (0)20 7955 6383

Room: STC 6.01f, St Clement's Building, LSE 

Hyun Shin joined the Department of Geography and Environment in 2008 as Lecturer in Urban Geography. He is also an Associate at the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, LSE and a Research Associate at the White Rose East Asia Centre, University of Leeds. He was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Social Policy Research Centre, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (2002-2003) and also at the Asia Research Centre, LSE (2006-2007). Hyun Shin was awarded his BSc from Seoul National University in 1994, and worked in the construction sector for six years before arriving at the LSE to pursue his MSc (2000) and PhD (2006).

His main research interests lie in critically analysing political and economic dynamics of contemporary urban (re-)development and its socio-spatial implications, with special emphasis on Asian cities. He received the STICERD/LSE Annual Fund New Researcher Award (2009-2010) to fund his examination of the social legacy of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games in China.

Global Gentrifications, edited by Loretta Lees, Hyun Bang Shin, and Ernesto López-MoralesHis latest book, Global Gentrifications: Uneven development and displacement (co-edited with Loretta Lees and Ernesto López-Morales) is published by Policy Press.

To view more details, please visit Dr Shin's personal website, http://personal.lse.ac.uk/shin 

  • Political and economic dynamics of urban (re-)development
  • Socio-spatial implications of East Asian urban development
  • Urban governance and community participation
  • Housing and social change
  • Urban heritage conservation
  • Mega-events and social legacy
  • Transitional cities, especially cities in post-reform China 

Selected recent publications:

  • Shin, H.B. (forthcoming) Elite vision before people: State entrepreneurialism and the limits of participation. In Altrock, U. and Schoon, S. (Eds.) Maturing Megacities: The Pearl River Delta in Progressive Transition. Springer.
  • Shin, H.B. (2011) Vertical accumulation and accelerated urbanism: the East Asian experience. In Gandy, M. (Ed) Urban Constellations. Berlin, Jovis Publishers, pp.48-53
  • Shin, H.B. (2010) 'Urban Conservation and Revalorisation of Dilapidated Historic Quarters: the case of Nanluoguxiang in Beijing', Cities Vol.27, Supplement 1, pp. S43-S54
  • Shin, H.B. (2010) 'Empowerment or marginalisation: land, housing and property rights in poor neighbourhoods' in Wu, F. and Webster, C. (eds.) Marginalization in urban China: comparative perspectives. Palgrave
  • Shin, H.B. (2009) 'Residential Redevelopment and Entrepreneurial Local State: The implications of Beijing's shifting emphasis on urban redevelopment policies',Urban Studies Vol.46 No.13, pp.2815-2839.
  • Shin. H.B. (2009) 'Property-Based Redevelopment and Gentrification: The case of Seoul, South Korea', Geoforum Vol.40 No.5, pp.906-917.
  • Shin, H.B. (2009) 'Life in the Shadow of Mega-Events: Beijing Summer Olympiad and its impact on housing', Journal of Asian Public Policy Vol.2 No.2, pp. 122-141
  • Shin, H.B. (2008) 'Living on the Edge: Financing post-displacement housing in urban redevelopment projects in Seoul', Environment and Urbanization, Vol.20 No.2, pp. 411-426
  • Shin, H.B. (2008) 'Driven to Swim with the Tide? Urban redevelopment and community participation in China', CASE Discussion Paper series, CASEpaper No.130, London: Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, London School of Economics
  • Shin, H.B. (2007) 'Residential Redevelopment and Social Impacts in Beijing' in Wu, F. (ed.) China's emerging cities: The making of new urbanism. London, Routledge, pp. 163-184
  • Social legacy of mega-events: the case of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games in China - Project page
  • Land and Housing Development as an Opportunity for Primitive Accumulation of Capital: the case of South Korea, 1970s - Project page
  • Property-led redevelopment and urban conservation: the case of Nanluoguxiang in Beijing, China - Project page
  • Pushing ahead with mega-events: the housing outcomes of mega-event hosting on low-income families in China - Project page

Field Research Method Lab blog launched at LSE

A new Field Research Method Lab blog has been launched by Dr Hyun Bang Shin, bringing together researchers to appraise constraints that they have encountered in the field, and reflect upon how they have addressed them. Each blog post includes a research outline, so that readers can understand how experiences in the field have fed into the research outputs. 

The first series of posts will be focussed on addressing field research constraints in China. Read the first blog post.





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