Paul Cheshire

Is Professor Emeritus of Economic Geography at the London School of Economics. He was previously Professor of Urban and Regional Economics at the University of Reading and has held Visiting Professorships at Universities in the US, the ETH in Zurich and Bocconi, Milan. He is the current President of the European Regional Science Association.

He has been engaged in research on urban and regional issues, especially urban growth in Europe, and on the economic effects of land use planning, since the early 1980s and has published widely in these and other fields. He has a particular expertise in comparative urban data for European countries and the hedonic analysis of spatial housing markets. He has been a consultant to a number of U.K. government departments, including the Dept. of Environment and its successor departments as well as the Treasury and the Department of Industry. He is currently on two of the Department of Communities & Local Government's Expert Panels and was an 'Academic Friend' for the Eddington Study of Transport. He was a consultant on urban and regional policy to the European Commission from 1983 to 1989 and from time to time since then on regional and urban economic issues. He has also acted as a consultant to the OECD, the UN and the World Bank. He was a member of the ESRC's Environment and Planning Panel from 1983-87 and has directed numerous ESRC funded research projects. In addition to consultancy for government and international organisations and academic research he has consulted widely for commercial organisations on issues relating to real estate, land use, European urban and regional growth and European integration. He is a past winner of the Donald Robertson Memorial Prize, the Royal Economic Society's prize for Best Paper in the Economic Journal (2004) and the Grosvenor Prize for best paper on Development (2007). He has recently held a Leverhulme Research Fellowship and a Research Fellowship at the Lincoln Land Institute in Cambridge MA. He is an elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and a board member of the National Housing and Planning Advice Unit.

Downloadable curriculum vitae|


Cheshire, Paul and Gilles Duranton (Eds) Recent Developments in Urban and Regional Economics. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar 2004

Cheshire, Paul and Stephen Sheppard. 'The Welfare Economics of Land Use Planning' Journal of Urban Economics, 52(2002), pp 242-269. download|.

'Income inequality and residential segregation: labour sorting and the demand for positional goods', in R. Martin and P. Morrison (eds) Geographies of Labour Market Inequality, London: Routledge, 83-109, 2003. (with V. Monastiriotis and S. Sheppard)


'The Distinctive Determinants of European Urban Growth: does one size fit all?' Research Papers in Environmental and Spatial Analysis, No 73, Department of Geography and Environment, London School of Economics, 2002 33 pages (with S.Magrini)

Cheshire, Paul and Stephen Sheppard. 'Capitalised in the Housing Market or How we Pay for Free Schools: The Impact of Supply Constraints and Uncertainty' forthcoming in the Economic Journal. Pre-print available for download|.

Cheshire, Paul and Stephen Sheppard. 'Rates, Taxes and Regulation: Prospects for Tax-Based "Smart Growth" in Britain' Prepared for the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy conference on Taxes on Land and Buildings, Land Use and Land-Use Regulation. January 2002. download| 

Cheshire, Paul and Stephen Sheppard. 'The Introduction of Price Signals into Land Use Planning Decision-making: A Proposal' June 2004. download|

Paul Cheshire and Stefano Magrini, 'Population Growth in European Cities: weather matters - but only nationally' July 2004. download|.

Conference Papers

'Territorial Competition: Lessons for (innovation) Policy'. Paper given to International Workshop on Innovation Policy, Kiel, 2001

'Capitalised in the Housing Market or How we Pay for Free Schools: The Impact of Supply Constraints and Uncertainty' Paper presented to RGS-IBG Conference Sept 2003. (with S.Sheppard) download|

Magazine Article

'The fall and rise of Cities', LSE Magazine, Winter, 6-9, 2003.

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