Neil Lee

Assistant Professor of Economic Geography

Department of Geography and Environment


Room: STC 6.01e, St Clement's Building, LSE 

Neil is an Assistant Professor of Economic Geography at the LSE. He joined the Department in 2013, having previously been Head of Socio-Economic Research at The Work Foundation. He is involved in teaching the BSc Geography with Economics degree. He holds a PhD in Economic Geography from the LSE and was a visiting scholar at TCLab, Columbia University.

His research considers cities, economic change and the social dimensions of innovation. He is particularly interested in the distribution of the proceeds of growth and the links between innovation and inequality. He has also published on the economics of the creative industries and the link between cultural diversity, innovation and urban economies.

Neil recently led a study for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on the links between cities, growth and poverty. His media performances have included the Today Programme, BBC News and World at One. His research has been featured in newspapers including the FT, Telegraph and Guardian and has led to questions in the UK parliament.

  • Cities
  • Regional and local economic development
  • Inequality
  • Innovation
  • Labour markets
  • The creative industries
  • Enterprise
  • Urban and regional policy

Selected recent publications:



More jobs - and better jobs - needed to tackle poverty in cities, according to new report by LSE academics

Good jobs, and plenty of them, are the most important factor in reducing poverty in UK cities, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation report on Cities, Growth and Poverty. Dr Neil Lee from the Department of Geography and Environment led the study, along with Professor Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and researchers from The Work Foundation and the universities of Coventry and Warwick. Read more.


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