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Katharine Rietig

PhD candidate in Environmental Policy & Development


Katharine holds an M.A. degree in Political Science, Economics and Law from Ludwig Maximilian University Munich with specializations in International Relations and Environmental Economics. She also holds an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation (distinction) from LSE and the full Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (LSE).

Her research interests combine the fields of international relations, comparative politics and environmental policy.

Katharine’s PhD examines learning processes in European policy-making and multilateral negotiations to determine when, why and under what conditions learning occurs in the policy making process. She focuses on the integration of climate objectives into European energy, transport and agricultural policy as well as on learning in multilateral climate negotiations.

Research interests

  • Learning in policy making
  • Global environmental governance
  • International organizations
  • Climate change and environmental policy
  • Nongovernmental actors
  • Multilevel governance

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Katharine Rietig