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Davide Luca

PhD in Economic Geography


Born and raised in North-western Italy, Davide holds an MSc (with honours) in Regional Development Studies and a BA (with honours) in Geographical Sciences, both from the University of Turin. Before starting his PhD at LSE, he worked for the European Commission coordinating institution-building projects in Turkey, was involved in the documentary-film industry and volunteered for The Big Issue as well as other British charities.

Research Interests

Thesis title: ‘Interactions between political factors and economic growth. The political economy of regional development policies in Turkey’.

The purpose of my research is to explore the links between politics, public policies and regional economic growth. The empirical analysis will first evaluate to what extent and through which channels political factors influence the implementation of regional development policies aimed at reducing regional disparities. Secondly, it will attempt to explore the impacts that distributive politics have on the final effectiveness of public policy and its outcomes, namely regional economic growth.

Other research interests include:

  • Administrative geography and local and regional governance
  • Geographies of new regionalism and devolution
  • Socio-institutional factors and regional economic growth

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