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Lent term seminars 2014

LSE London's 2014 Lent term seminar series begins on the 20th of January. Speakers from within and beyond LSE will focus on London's current economic and political environment London, covering relevant issues such as the private rented sector, the distribution of poverty and the densification effects of international migrants.

Presenters include academics and practitioners from relevant fields. Each seminar is chaired by one of the members of LSE London, while speaker’s presentations, available podcasts and any other related documents are posted here regularly after each session .

The seminar is held every Monday St. Clements Building, S.75 Room,  located at the LSE, map and directions here.

For more information, please contact LSE London at: lselondon @ lse . ac . uk



Room STC S75, 4.45 - 6.00 p.m.


John Lett
London Plan Team, Strategic Planning Manager, Greater London Authority (GLA)

The office and retail market in London: issues for the London Plan


Paul Cheshire
Geography and Environment Dpt., LSE

Iconic Design’ as Deadweight Loss? Rent acquisition by design in the constrained London office market

Listen to podcast here 

10 February







Suzi Hall
Lecturer, Department of Sociology, LSE

Locating urban migration: from Census to street
Listen to podcast here


Ian Gordon
Geography and Environment Dpt., LSE

Residential displacement and densification effects of international migrants 2001-2011

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24 February

Alex Fenton and Amanda Fitzgerald-Arque
Leibniz University Hannover & CASE, (LSE)/ Research Officer CASE/STICERD, (LSE)

Growth and spatial distribution of poverty in London 2001-2011 





 Listen to podcast here

3 March

Christine Whitehead & Kath Scanlon
LSE London, London School of Economics (LSE)

Building London's private rented sector

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Duncan Bowie
Senior Lecturer in Spatial Planning, University of Westminster

Alternative development options for London's growth




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