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19 & 20 March 2015:
ENHR Private Rented Markets Conference, 'Private Renting After the Crisis'|

14 January 2015:

HEIF 5 Workshop: Alternative Housing - Opportunities and challenges for the sector
Part of the HEIF 5 Project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

9 January 2015:
HEIF 5 Site Visit - Get Living London and Stratford Halo
Part of the HEIF 5 Project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis


10 December 2014:
Debate and Expert Panel: Accelerating residential development in London - what could 'change the game'?
Part of the HEIF 5 Project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

3 December 2014:
HEIF 5 Workshop: Maintaining and increasing the supply of private rented housing in London
Part of the HEIF 5 Project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

27 November 2014:
Planning and Housing - why the continuing tensions?
A presentation by Christine Whitehead at the Bartlett School of Planning public lecture series

29 October 2014:
HEIF 5 Workshop - Accelerating new housing production in London
Part of the HEIF 5 Project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

15 October 2014:
Progress and priorities for housing in the capital|, presentation by Christine Whitehead at Policy Forum for London's Keynote Seminar

13 October 2014:
A new direction for London's housing|, presentation by Christine Whitehead at GVA's London lecture series

25 September 2014:
LSE London hosts Brazil-EU dialogue seminar on low income housing finance
|Part of the Brazil-EU Social Housing Sector Dialogue series

17 September 2014:
Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis project launch|, a HEIF5 Event

15 September 2014:
Christine Whitehead hosts roundtable on Private Finance for Social Housing|

1-6 September 2014:
Christine Whitehead and Melissa Fernandez of LSE London travelled to Brasilia and São Paulo|
Part of the Brazil-EU Social Housing Sector Dialogue series

August 2014:
Melissa Fernandez travelled to South Asia as part of the Urbanisation Migration Nexus Project|, funded by DFID

27 August 2014:
Kath Scanlon and Melissa Fernandez offer two sessions on co-housing| at the Royal Geographical Society 2014 conference.

2 July 2014:
'The Economics of Cohousing' paper presented by Kath Scanlon and Melissa Fernandez
European Network of Housing Researchers (ENHR) 2014 Conference|

27 June 2014:
'Migration and the Transformation of London: an international perspective'|
Final HEIF5 Migration Project Conference

9 June 2014:
Migration and Low Pay| A HEIF 5 Seminar

30 June - 4 July 2014
Tony Travers Co-Leads LSE Executive Summer School,London and Global Cities: Governance, Planning and Design|

24 March 2014:
How is London being transformed by migration? A HEIF5 Conference

January to March 2014:
Lent Term Seminars|

10 February 2014:
Locating Urban Migration: from Census to Street|, a HEIF5 Seminar by Dr Suzi Hall

9 February 2014:
LSE London organises roundtable to discuss Mayor's draft Housing Strategy. See Blog| ; Press Release| and Joint Challenge| .

24 January 2014:
Migration and the transformation of London’s economy- issues and barriers, a HEIF5 roundtable


6 December 2013
New Migration Regimes and Higher Education|
A HEIF5 Seminar

9 October 2013
Feasible Approaches to Estimating the UK's Irregular Migrant Population in April 2011|
A HEIF5 roundtable discussion

A HEIF5 SeminarA HEIF5 roundtable discussion

11 April 2013:
Kath Scanlon presented The Impact of skilled non-EU migration on the UK housing market at the NORFACE/CREAM Conference: Migration: Global Development, New Frontiers| 

1 March 2013:
Migration and Higher Education
HEIF5 Seminar

Migration and the Transformation of London|
a HEIF5 Project, 2013-2014
For a full list of the programme events, please go here|

2013 Lent Term Seminar Series|January-March 2013 


Tony Travers spoke on 'Devo max for London? Urban government and fiscal autonomy' as part of the British Government @ LSE public research seminar|

5 October 2012:
'Migration and the transformation of London' Roundtable
HEIF 5 project launch

Wednesday 27th June 2012
Ending the Housing Crisis: Should we ever build on the Green Belt?

18 June 2012:
Kath Scanlon formed part of The Guardian's housing network expert panel discussion on 'How Should the Private Rented Sector be Regulated?| London in the New Economic & Political environment| & The Revival of the Private Rented Sector|


7 December 2011
New Briefing Paper Series, Autumn Edition launched|

9 November 2011
David Kynaston Public Lecture: The City of London,| chaired by Tony Travers

17 October 2011
LSE London submits response to DCLG's|Draft National Planning Policy Framework|
Press Release: Academics find common ground on planning reform|

11 October 2011
A More Secure World – from neighbourhood to globe|

5 October 2011
Towards a Sustainable Private Rented Sector in the UK|
Seminar & Book Launch

28 September 2011
Roundtable on the Draft National Planning Policy Framework|

13 July 2011
Report Launch: |Realising the benefits of planning-led investigation in the historic environment: a framework for delivery

11 & 12 July 2011
The Private Rented Sector in the UK: Bringing together ideas from across and beyond Europe|

30 June 2011
The big (suburban) society - community, identity and amenity in outer London|

27 June 2011
Investing in London's Affordable Housing|

2 June 2011
The Revival of Private Renting in the UK: Lessons from abroad
2011 Lent Term Seminar Series: Annual series held from January - April|

22 March 2011
Immigration and the London Economy
16 March 2011
Poverty and Inequality in London: What Difference will the Coalition's Social Policies Make?|

9 February 2011
LSE London responds to DCLG's Planning Framework
|Press Release: Academics find common ground on planning reform|

28 January 2011
Cooperative Manchester- Complex London? Evolving City Governance|

20 January 2011
How did London Get Away With It? The recession and the North-South Divide |


November 2010
London: Coping with Austerity: New Book |Seminar|

October 2010
London's Future: A Scenario Approach|
October 2010: Report
Who runs London? A guide to public bodies in the capital|
A collaboration between the London Communication Agency (LCA) and The Centre for London's Built Environment (NLA) with input from Tony Travers

October 2010: Publication
New RICS Book:  |Making Housing more Affordable: the role of intermediate tennure'|
Co-edited by Christine Whitehead, with chapters by Kath Scanlon

October 2010: Event
New York-London Events
|-Roundtable Discussion with New York City Comptroller John Liu
-Business Improvement Districts Dialogue

July 2010: News
'The tax-paying illegal workers living in London'|
BBC news article, citing Ian Gordon

July 2010: Event
A Mayor and Assembly for London
|A HEIF 4 Seminar

June 2010: Publication
Public Spending Priorities in London|
LSE London Report for the Greater London Authority
GLA Press Release and report

March 2010: Event
Transforming London's Public Services
|A HEIF 4 Seminar, with the Government Office for London

February 2010: Event
The Future of Social Housing in London|
A HEIF 4 Seminar

January and December 2010: Event and Reports
HEIF 4 Seminar (Dec.09): The Draft Replacement London Plan|
Prof. Ian Gordon's Response |to 2009 Consultation Draft of 'Replacement London Plan'
Nancy Holman's and Andy Thornley Comments| to Consultation Draft

Archive: 2005-09

2008-09 HEIF 4 Seminars: London and the financial crisis|

2009 Lent Term Seminars
2008 Lent Term Seminars

|October 09: Publication
London's Place in the UK Economy 2009-10|

January 09: Publication
'Local Authorities and the Recession- Council's response to the downturn'|

December 08: Publication
Local Authorities and the Downturn: a review of issues, experience and option|
by Tony Travers, Christine Whitehead and Ian Gordon

June 08: Publication
Economic Impact on the London and UK Economy of an earned regularisation of irregular migrants to the UK|

November 08: Publication
LSE London Book:  Social Housing in Europe II: A review of policies and outcomes
Book Launch Seminar: Social Housing Futures
Download here: (2007) Social Housing in Europe I
October 08
London's Place in the UK Economy 2008-09

Lent Term Seminars 2007|

London Development Workshops 2 (2006-08)|

Lent Term Seminars 2006
London Development Workshops 1 (2005-06)

Lent Term Seminars 2005|

|Whitehead, C. and Scanlon, K. Social Housing in Europe. LSE London. July 2007.

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Travers, T; Tunstall, R and Whitehead, C with Provot, S: Population Mobility and Service Provision . London Councils, 2006.

Tony Travers: The Greater London Authority: The Government's proposals for additional powers and responsibilities for the Mayor and Assembly. A response to the consultation paper (Word)

Pennell, H; West, A and Hind, A: Secondary School Admissions in London.

Gordon, I; Buck, N; Harding A and Turok, I: Changing Cities: rethinking urban competitiveness, cohesion and governance Palgrave, 2005.

Thornley, A and Newman P: Planning World Cities: Globalization and Urban Politics, Palgrave/Macmillan. 2005. 

Before 2005

Lent Term Seminars 2004|

Lent Term Seminars 2003|

Lent Term Seminars 2002|

GEMACA II Seminar|

|Travers, A and Kleinman, M: The Politics of London: Governing an Ungovernable City, Palgrave Macmillian, May 2004.

Whitehead, C; Gordon I and Travers A: London's Place in the UK Economy, Corporation of London, September 2003 and October 2004.

Gordon, I; Buck, N; Hall, P; Harloe, M and Kleinman, M: Working Capital, Life and Labour in Contemporary London, Routledge 2002.

Discussion Paper Series : 1999-2002

A collaboration between the London Communication Agency (LCA) and The Centre for London's Built Environment (NLA) with input from Tony Travers.

A collaboration between the London Communication Agency (LCA) and The Centre for London's Built Environment (NLA) with input from Tony Travers.