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20 December 2017

Report: Making the most of Build to Rent. Future of London.


9 December 2016 

Announcement: The Mayor of London has asked LSE London to investigate the impact of foreign investment on London’s housing market

9 December 2016

HEIF 5 Report: Towards a sustainable private rented sector: What can we learn from other countries?

6 December 2016 

HEIF 5 Report: Rising to the Challenge: London’s Housing Crisis

21 November 2016

Report: Social mobility in Great Britain: evidence on obstacles young people face

17 November 2016 

Report: GLA publishes LSE London research on housing density

1 November 2016

Report: Growing demand for renting across Europe: report on the private rented sector in Europe

10 October 2016

HEIF 5 Report: Market VS Planning: is Deregulation the answer?

16 September 2016 

Presentation: Christine Whitehead speaks at the Sir Frederic J. Osborn Memorial Lecture, 2016

11 September 2016 

Reception: RTPI awards Research Excellence Award to Christine Whitehead and colleagues for their book, Planning Gain: Providing Infrastructure and Affordable Housing

8 September 2016 

Blog: 'How to create London's new 'village' communities', Dave Hill reporting on our research on urban villages

5 August 2016 

Report: Alternative housing development in London: Findings and key action points

22 July 2016

HEIF 5 Blog: Urban villages: some observations from LSE London.

21 July 2016

Seminar: Alternative housing development in London: Practices and possibilities

14 July 2016

Short film festival: Visualising London's Housing Crisis: Problems and Solutions

6-8 July 2016

Conference: Prof Christine Whitehead was one of the Keynote Speakers at the 2016 AREUEA conference

5 July 2016

Conference: Prof Christine Whitehead provides an economic overview at The Residential Funding Conference

23 June 2016

HEIF 5 Final Conference: Opportunities to Accelerate Housing Production in London. Part of the HEIF 5 project Accelerating Housing Production in London.

21 June 2016

ESRC funded research seminar: Mainstreaming cohousing in urban development, barriers to knowledge transfer, part of our Collaborative Cohousing and Community Resilience project.

13 May 2016

HEIF 5 Seminar: Housing Strategies for the New Mayor. Part of the HEIF 5 project Accelerating Housing Production in London.

12 May 2016

Presentation: Kath Scanlon, 'Wohnen für alle?! Wissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf Architektur, Planung und Politik' conference, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

10 May 2016

HEIF 5 Seminar: Housing strategies for the new mayor, seminar blog. Part of the HEIF 5 project Accelerating Housing Production in London.

10 May 2016

Report Launch: Taking stock: Understanding the effects of recent policy measures on the private rented sector and Buy-to-Let.

22 April 2016

Book Launch: Milestones in European Housing Finance, edited by Jens Lunde and Christine Whitehead.

14 April 2016

Presentation: Kath Scanlon, Providing cheap housing in expensive cities: 
is social housing the answer? ETH Forum Wohnungsbau 2016.

9 March 2016

Christine Whitehead   was one of the Commissioners on the London Housing Commission, part of the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), which produced a final report titled, Building a new deal for London.

24 February 2016

HEIF 5 Roundtable: Innovative construction methods. Part of the HEIF 5 project Accelerating Housing Production in London.

19 February 2016

Report: Christine Whitehead was on the advisory group of the report, 'Home Improvements', published by the New Centre for Social Justice (CSJ).

10 February 2016

HEIF 5 Roundtable: Housing zones as new housing acceleration tools. Part of the HEIF 5 project Accelerating Housing Production in London.

28 January 2016

HEIF 5 Mayoral Hustings Debate: Why I should be Mayor of London Tomorrow co-hosted with London Chamber of Commerce. Part of the HEIF 5 project Accelerating Housing Production in London.

20 January 2016

HEIF 5 Roundtable: Planning and the Role of SME Builders. Part of the HEIF 5 project Accelerating Housing Production in London.

January-March 2015

Lent Term Seminars 2016

  • Gavin Parker, University of Reading ‘Neighbourhood planning’
  • Sakiba Gurda, London Borough of Islington ‘London – a view from a borough’
  • Duncan Bowie, University of Westminster ‘Beyond the compact city: a review of the development options for London and the Southeast’
  • John Lett, GLA ‘Issues for the new mayor’
  • Denis Dillion, First Rung London ‘Tottenham after the riots’
  • Richard Lee, Just Space ‘Community visions for the next London Plan’
  • Jane Wills, QMUL ‘Localism in London’
  • Peter Rees, UCL ‘The death of the British planning system’


15 December 2015

Panel Presenter: Kath Scanlon, GLA Intelligence Seminar on house prices, House prices in London, London.

1 December 2015

Presentation: Kath Scanlon, Housing Select Committee of the London Borough of Lewisham about private renting in London and Germany, Lewisham, London.

30 November 2015

Keynote Address: Christine Whitehead, 'The future of the private rented sector', Report launch of Private Renters’ Rights: Safe and stable homes in Kensington and Chelsea. Melissa Fernàndez and Christine Whitehead worked in the advisory group. 

23 November 

HEIF 5 Roundtable. Setting the Priorities. Part of our HEIF5 Accelerating Housing Production in London. Part of the HEIF 5 project Accelerating Housing Production in London.

17 November 2015

Conference: LSE London co-hosted event with LSE British Government titled Immigration and Asylum In Britain and Europe discussing immigration and asylum policies in Britain in the context of Britain’s place in Europe.

12 November 2015

Presentation: Christine Whitehead, 'Is there a problem with the current housing market?Christine Whitehead, ESRC Festival of Social Science: Housing Event, Geffrye Museum of the Home.

11 November 2015

Presentation: Christine WhiteheadBarriers to Accelerating Delivery, New Ideas for Housing: Tools for accelerating delivery, New Architecture London event.

30 October 2015

Presentations: Melissa Fernández & Sunil Kumar, DFID funded research, Urban-construction-migration nexus | 5 cities | South Asia

21 October 2015

Presentation: Christine Whitehead, 'Housing in London - the current state of play' for the Policy Forum for London.

13 October 2015

Presentation: Christine Whitehead presents at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research at Uppsala University in a talk titled 'The Role of Social Housing in Europe'.

13 October 2015

Presentation: Melissa Fernández gave a talk titled Unsettled resettlements: community, belonging and livelihood in Rio de Janeiro's Minha Casa Minha Vida at King's College London as part of the King's Brazil Institute Research Seminar Series.

12 October 2015

HEIF 5 Report Launch: Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis (See the Final Report & Executive Summary).

6 October 2015

Presentation: Christine Whitehead  gives a talk at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) titled, 'Housing Associations, capital markets and housing supply'. 

21-23 September 2015

Presentation: Christine Whitehead, ARC sponsored symposium titled 'Illuminating the black box of housing and health'; presentation titled Housing affordability and policy change: impacts on wellbeing in the UK, University of Adelaide.

17-18 September 2015

Presentation: Melissa Fernandez & Kath Scanlon, 'Putting the Social into Alternative Housing', marking the end of Dr Michaela Benson's ESRC project at the Geffrye Museum. 

11 August 2015

HEIF 5 Workshop: The role of Housing Associations in accelerating residential development in London. Part of the HEIF 5 project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis.

22 July 2015

Panelist: Kath Scanlon, Westminster Social Policy Forum Keynote Seminar: The future for social housing and affordable rent.

27 June - 1 July, 2015 

Presentation: LSE London researchers spoke at the European Network of Housing Researchers (ENHR) Annual Conference in Lisbon.

17 June 2015 

HEIF 5 Post-Election Event and Expert Panel: Looking ahead - how should the new government address London's housing supply crisis? Part of the HEIF 5 project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis.

11 June 2015

Presentation: Melissa Fernández was a keynote speaker at the Intentional Communities Symposium 2015 in Cardiff Metropolitan University.

14 May 2015

Presentation: Christine Whitehead, Future of London Seminar

29 April 2015

HEIF 5 Roundtable: The role local authorities can play in supporting and encouraging the development of alternative housing supply Part of the HEIF 5 project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

14 April 2015

Conference: Symposium with Politecnico di Milano and LSE RUPS

19 & 20 March 2015

Conference: ENHR Private Rented Markets Conference, 'Private Renting After the Crisis'

4 March 2015:

Housing: Key Challenges Facing the Parties. Part of the British Government @ LSE General Election 2015 Event Series

19 February 2015

The Future of London. Part of the British Government @ LSE General Election 2015 Event Series

19 February 2015

HEIF 5 Workshop: The Role of Foreign Money - is foreign money necessary for accelerating housing development in London? Part of the HEIF 5 project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

14 January 2015

HEIF 5 Workshop: Alternative Housing - Opportunities and challenges for the sector. Part of the HEIF 5 project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

9 January 2015:

HEIF 5 Site Visit - Get Living London and Stratford Halo. Part of the HEIF 5 project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

January-March 2015

Lent Term Seminars


10 December 2014

HIEF 5 Debate and Expert Panel: Accelerating residential development in London - what could 'change the game'? Part of the HEIF 5 project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

3 December 2014

HEIF 5 Workshop: Maintaining and increasing the supply of private rented housing in London. Part of the HEIF 5 project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

27 November 2014

Presentation: Planning and Housing - why the continuing tensions? A presentation by Christine Whitehead at the Bartlett School of Planning public lecture series

29 October 2014

HEIF 5 Workshop: Accelerating new housing production in London Part of the HEIF 5 project Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

15 October 2014

Seminar: Progress and priorities for housing in the capital, presentation by Christine Whitehead at Policy Forum for London's Keynote Seminar

13 October 2014

Lecture: A new direction for London's housing, presentation by Christine Whitehead at GVA's London lecture series

25 September 2014

Seminar: LSE London hosts Brazil-EU dialogue seminar on low income housing finance. Part of the Brazil-EU Social Housing Sector Dialogue series 

17 September 2014

HEIF 5 Project Launch: Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis

15 September 2014

Roundtable: Christine Whitehead hosts roundtable on Private Finance for Social Housing

1-6 September 2014

Conference: Christine Whitehead and Melissa Fernandez of LSE London travelled to Brasilia and São Paulo. Part of the Brazil-EU Social Housing Sector Dialogue series

August 2014

Conference: Melissa Fernandez travelled to South Asia as part of the Urbanisation Migration Nexus Project, funded by DFID

27 August 2014

Conference: Kath Scanlon and Melissa Fernandez offer two sessions on co-housing at the Royal Geographical Society 2014 conference.

2 July 2014

Conference: 'The Economics of Cohousing' paper presented by Kath Scanlon and Melissa Fernandez
European Network of Housing Researchers (ENHR) 2014 Conference

27 June 2014

HEIF 5 Conference: 'Migration and the Transformation of London: an international perspective'. Final conference of the HIEF 5 project Migration and the Transformation of London

9 June 2014

HEIF 5 Seminar: Migration and Low Pay. Part of the HIEF 5 project Migration and the Transformation of London

30 June - 4 July 2014

Workshop: Tony Travers Co-Leads LSE Executive Summer School, London and Global Cities: Governance, Planning and Design

24 March 2014

HEIF 5 Conference: How is London being transformed by migration? Part of the HIEF 5 project Migration and the Transformation of London

10 February 2014

HEIF Seminar: Locating Urban Migration: from Census to Street by Dr Suzanne Hall. Part of the HIEF 5 project Migration and the Transformation of London

9 February 2014

Roundtable: LSE London organises roundtable to discuss Mayor's draft Housing Strategy. See Blog ; Press Release and Joint Challenge

24 January 2014

HEIF Roundtable: Migration and the transformation of London’s economy- issues and barriers. Part of the HIEF 5 Project Migration and the Transformation of London

January-March 2014

Lent Term Seminars

  • John Lett, Greater London Authority (GLA), 'The office and retail market in London: issues for the London Plan
  • Paul Cheshire, London School of Economics (LSE), 'Iconic Design’ as Deadweight Loss? Rent acquisition by design in the constrained London office market'
  • Ian Gordon, London School of Economics (LSE), 'Residential displacement and densification effects of international migrants 2001-2011'
  • Alex Fenton & Amanda Fitzgerald-Arque Leibniz, University Hannover & CASE, (LSE) Research Officer CASE/STICERD, (LSE), 'Growth and the spatial distribution of poverty in London 2001-2011'
  • Christine Whitehead & Kath Scanlon, LSE London, Building London’s Private rented sector
  • Duncan Bowie, University of Westminster, 'Alternative development options for London's growth'


6 December 2013

HEIF Seminar: New Migration Regimes and Higher Education. Part of the HIEF 5 project Migration and the Transformation of London

9 October 2013

HEIF Seminar: Feasible Approaches to Estimating the UK's Irregular Migrant Population in April 2011. Part of the HIEF 5 project Migration and the Transformation of London

11 April 2013:
Presentation: Kath Scanlon presented The Impact of skilled non-EU migration on the UK housing market at the NORFACE/CREAM Conference: Migration: Global Development, New Frontiers 

1 March 2013:

HEIF 5 Seminar: Migration and Higher Education. Part of the HIEF 5 project Migration and the Transformation of London

January-March 2013 

Lent Term Seminars 

  • Tony Travers, LSE London, 'The purpose and work of the London Finance Commission'
  • Richard Brown, London Legacy Development Corporation, 'The Olympic Legacy'
  • Alexander Jan, ARUP, 'Road pricing in England: has its time finally come'
  • Gerhard Weiss, London Cycling Campaign, 'London’s superhighways and the ‘Going Dutch’ Campaign'
  • Matthew Oakley, Head of Economics & Social Policy Policy Exchange, 'Local pay and growth: the London perspective'
  • Jo Attwool, Policy Adviser Universities UK, 'London and UK trends in Higher Education'
  • Alan Evans, Universtiy of Reading, 'Planning and Fuel Use: A Highly Critical Survey'
  • Baljit Bains, GLA Economics, 'Update on the demography of London'
  • Chris Brown, Igloo Regeneration, 'Community-Led Physical Regeneration: Tottenham and beyond'
  • Michael Ward, Smith Institute, 'Localism in London' 


31 October 2012

Presentation: Tony Travers spoke on 'Devo max for London? Urban government and fiscal autonomy' as part of the British Government @ LSE public research seminar

5 October 2012:

HEIF Roundtable: Migration and the transformation of London' Roundtable Project Launch

Wednesday 27th June 2012

Debate: Ending the Housing Crisis: Should we ever build on the Green Belt? Part of the British Government @ LSE public research seminar

18 June 2012:

Roundtable: Kath Scanlon formed part of The Guardian's housing network expert panel discussion on  'How Should the Private Rented Sector be Regulated? London in the New Economic & Political environment   & The Revival of the Private Rented Sector

January-March 2012 

Lent Term Seminars

  • Philip Clifford, London Councils, 'The benefit cap in London - headaches on the horizon?'
  • Briget Rosewell, Volterra, 'Finance, the Future and London'
  • Henry Overman, LSE, 'What should urban policy do? Lessons for London'
  • Greg Clark, Global Advisor on City Development, 'London World City: 20 Years On'
  • Tony Travers, LSE, 'The Local Government Resource Review – Incentivising Growth'
  • Mark Bolstock, LSE 'London and the high speed rail debate: how do we get the Right Line?'
  • Tim Newborn, LSE, 'Reading the riots'
  • Max Nathan, LSE, SERC, 'Is cultural diversity good for London’s economy?'
  • Charles Roxburgh, LSE, 'The Economic Power of Cities: London in a Global Context'


7 December 2011

Presentations: New Briefing Paper Series, Autumn Edition launched

9 November 2011

David Kynaston Public Lecture: The City of London, chaired by Tony Travers

17 October 2011

LSE London submits response to DCLG'sDraft National Planning Policy Framework
Press Release: Academics find common ground on planning reform

11 October 2011

Presentation: A More Secure World – from neighbourhood to globe

5 October 2011

Seminar & Book Launch: Towards a Sustainable Private Rented Sector in the UK

28 September 2011

Roundtable: Draft National Planning Policy Framework

13 July 2011

Report Launch: Realising the benefits of planning-led investigation in the historic environment: a framework for delivery

11 & 12 July 2011

HEIF 4 Conference and Workshop: Bringing together ideas from across and beyond Europe

30 June 2011

HEIF 4 Seminar: The big (suburban) society - community, identity and amenity in outer London Co-hosted with Centre for London

27 June 2011

HEIF 4 Report Launch: Investing in London's Affordable Housing

2 June 2011

HEIF 4 Workshops: The Revival of Private Renting in the UK: Lessons from abroad

2011 Lent Term Seminar Series 

Annual series held from January - April

22 March 2011

HEIF 4 Seminar: Immigration and the London Economy

16 March 2011

HEIF Seminar: Poverty and Inequality in London: What Difference will the Coalition's Social Policies Make?

9 February 2011

LSE London responds to DCLG's Planning Framework
Press Release: Academics find common ground on planning reform

28 January 2011

HEIF 4 Seminar: Cooperative Manchester- Complex London? Evolving City Governance

20 January 2011

Lecture: How did London Get Away With It? The recession and the North-South Divide. Co-hosted by LSE Works: Spatial Economics Research Centre

January-March 2011

Lent Term Seminar

  • Ian Gordon, LSE, 'Who makes it up the London Escalator? Ambition, migration and advancement in a big city labour market'
  • Alex Fenton, University of Cambridge, 'The spatial implications of Housing Benefit reform in London'
  • Mark Kleinman, GLA, 'London’s Diverse Economy'
  • David Lunts, Homes & Communities Agency, 'Will we ever build again? Making sense of London's housing market after the crash'
  • Alex Plant, Cambridgeshire Horizons, 'Delivering growth in a world of austerity and localism'
  • Jeremy Skinner, GLA, 'Projects for economic growth: tax increments and other devolved sources of finance'
  • Alan Mace, LSE, 'Outer London: politics, policy & people'
  • Ros Dunn, Thames Gateway London Partnership, 'The Thames Gateway: still needed, but still a government priority?'
  • Kavita Datta, QMUL, 'The Thames Gateway: still needed, but still a government priority?'
  • Michele Dix, Transfor for London, 'The Need for New Airport Capacity for the South East'


November 2010

HEIF 4 Book Launch and Debate: Coping with Austerity: London after October 20th. Part of the HEIF 4 Project Development Workshops: London and the Financial Crisis

October 2010

HEIF 4 Seminar: London's Future: A Scenario Approach. Part of the HEIF 4 Project Development Workshops: London and the Financial Crisis

11 October 2010

New York - London Roundtable: Business Improvement Districts Dialogue

6 October 2010

New York - London Roundtable: Discussion with New York City Comptroller John Liu

2 July 2010

HEIF 4 Seminar: A Mayor and Assembly for London. Part of the HEIF 4 Project Development Workshops: London and the Financial Crisis

March 2010

HEIF 4 Seminar: Transforming London's Public Services with the Government Office for London. Part of the HEIF 4 Project Development Workshops: London and the Financial Crisis

February 2010

HEIF 4 Seminar: The Future of Social Housing in London. Part of the HEIF 4 Project Development Workshops: London and the Financial Crisis

January-March 2010

Lent Term Seminar

  • Bridget Rosewell, GLA, Volterra, 'Is London Broke and does it need fixing?'
  • Dick Sorabji, London Councils, 'Total Place- London's Public Spending'
  • Stephen Glaister, Imperial College, RAC, 'London and national transport policy in a low-carbon, lean public expenditure future'
  • Mark Boleat, City of London Policy and Resources Committee, 'The threat to the city from regulatory changes'
  • Ian Gordon, LSE, 'The puzzle of worklessness in London'
  • Andrew Barry-Purssell, GLA, 'Where are we on the London Plan?'
  • Roger Taylor, Host Boroughs Unit, 'Can the 'Olympic Legacy' really change communities?'
  • Peter Bishop, LDA Design for London, 'Using urban design strategies for regeneration in London'
  • Michele Dix, Transport for London, 'Dealing with London's Growth from a Transport Perspective'


9 December 2009

HEIF 4 Seminar: The Draft Replacement London Plan. Part of the HEIF 4 Project Development Workshops: London and the Financial Crisis

January-March 2009

Lent Term Seminars

  • Stephen Glaister, Imperial College, 'Roads as Utilities? The need for institutional reform'
  • Michael Edwards, The Bartlett School (UCL), 'London planning and the coming crisis'
  • Andrew Barry-Purssell, Head of London Plan (GLA), 'Current developments in the London Plan'
  • Jon Rouse, Croydon Council, 'Living on the edge: the changing face of the outer London boroughs'
  • Douglas McWilliams and Richard Snook, Centre for Economic and Business Research, 'The prospect for the London economy'
  • Mark Kleinman, London Councils, 'A City Charter for London'
  • Stephen Oakes, Director, London Region, Homes and Communities Agency, 'Affordable housing provision in the recession: the HCA's role' 

4 December 2008

Book Launch Seminar: Social Housing Futures: European Experience and Lessons for the UK

January-March 2008

Lent Term Seminars

  • Andy Deacon, GLA, 'Climate Change, Energy and Planning in London'
  • Mario Abela, London Skills and Employment Board, 'The Skills and Employment Challenge in London: What the Evidence Tells Us'
  • Saxon Brettell, City of London Corporation, 'Comparing convergent responses to growth and slump of US and EU metropolitan areas and assessing the implications of the new US slowdown'
  • Ricky Burdett, LSE, 'Can the Olympics deliver integration in East London'
  • Steve Wilcox, University of York, 'Buy to let and the reconfiguration of London's housing market'
  • Stephen Glaister, Imperial College, 'Can we fund Crossrail?'
  • Tony Travers, LSE, 'Governing London: the 2008 election and the Mayor's changing powers'
  • Jane Wills, Queen Mary, 'London's migrant division of labour'
  • Bridget Rosewell, GLA, 'Crossrail - Jobs, Housing and Funding'

January-March 2007

Lent Term Seminars 

  • Alan Benson, GLA, 'Housing in London - the Mayor's new role'
  • John Lett, GLA, 'The London Plan'
  • Tracy Kornblatt, IPPR, 'Seminar 2: London's Olympic Legacy'
  • Rebecca Tunstall, LSE, 'Twenty-five years on - eleven estates in London'
  • Alan Evans, University of Reading, 'The Best Laid Plans or Another Fine Mess?'
  • Michael Ward, KTDB, 'Prospects for the Thames Gateway'
  • Paul Cheshire, LSE, 'Office Space Supply Restrictions'
  • Henry Overman, LSE, The Barker, 'Eddington and Sub-National Reviews'
  •  Ian Gordon and Christine Whitehead, LSE, 'Some Impacts of Recent Immigration on the London Economy'

January-March 2006

Lent Term Seminars

  • Yvonne Rydin, 'Sustainable Construction'
  • Ken Jones, 'Regeneration in Barking and Dagenham, ensuring existing communities share the benefits'
  • Jim Bennett, 'Gateway People'
  • Ian Brown, 'Increasing London's Rail Capacity'
  • Nicholas Falk, 'Tomorrow's Suburbs, making London Suburbs more sustainable'
  • Mike Coombes, 'English cities and regions: the importance of migration in patterns of growth or decline'
  • Peter Hall, LSE, 'The land fetish, a suitable case for Dr Freud?'

January-March 2005

Lent Term Seminars

  • Martin Simmons, 'Effective Cross-Border Regional Planning? London and the Rest of the South East'
  • Liz Richardson and Christine Whitehead, 'Thames Gateway: Big numbers or big mistake?'
  • Duncan Melville, 'London and the UK Economy'
  • Stephen Glaister, 'Congestion Charging: Where next?' 

January-March 2004

Lent Term Seminars

  • Alan Freeman, 'Why are cities not states?'
  • Greg Clark, 'What do practitioners do with urban research?'

January-March 2003

Lent Term Seminars

  • Robin Thompson, GLA, 'An Overview of Challenges to the London Plan'
  • Tony Travers, LSE, 'The Plan's Investment Implications and their Realism'
  • Bridget Rosewell, GLA, 'The Plan's Employment Growth Assumptions and their Realism/Certainty'
  • Duncan Bowie, GLA, 'The Housing Challenge'
  • Robert Upton, RTPI, 'The Plan as an Example of Strategic Planning'
  • Robin Murray, Ecologika, LSE, 'Sustainable in the Plan'
  • John Hollis, GLA, 'The Plan's Population/Household Forecasts in the Light of the Census'
  • Peter Hall, Institute of Community Studies, 'Are the Transport and Spatial Development Plans Consistent and/or Realistic?'
  • Martin Simmons, Association of London Government, 'How will the Boroughs Respond? Michael Edwards, UCL, 'The Property Market and the Plan'

January-March 2002

Lent Term Seminars

  • Ian Gordon, LSE, 'London - Working Capital: Economic Competiveness and Social Cohesion'
  • Kath Scanlon & Karen West, LSE London, 'Strategy, Co-ordination, and the Spatial Development Strategy: The First Nine Months of the GLA'
  • Marian Fitzgerald, Mannheim Institute, 'Area, Deprivation, Crime and the Policing of Diverse Communities'
  • Christine Whitehead, LSE, 'Key Issues for Key Workers: Affordable Housing in London'
  • Mark Kleinman, University of Bristol, 'Steering, Rowing, Waving or Drowning: The New Governance of London'
  • Tony Travers, LSE, 'Getting Major Projects Done: The Case of CrossRail'
  • Janet Foster, LSE, 'Conciliation and Conflict: A Case Study of Urban Regeneration on the Isle of Dogs in London's Docklands'
  • Paul Cheshire, LSE, 'The Economics of Land Use Planning'
  • Anne West, LSE, 'Education Policy and London Schools'

February 2002


  • Ian Gordon, LSE, 'Introduction: What is Regional Competitiveness'
  • Paul Cheshire, LSE, 'The Functional Urban Regions: What and why?'
  • Dominique Lecomte, 'Economic Position of the Functional Urban Regions'
  • Jeremy Kelly, 'The Economic Performance of the Major European Metro Regions Improving their Competitveness -Commercial Real Estate Development and the "City Offer"'
  • Vincent Gollain, 'Science and Technology in Europe'
  • Brendan William and Vincent Gollain, 'Economic performance of major European metropolises: The role of Clusters'
  • Wolfgang Knapp, 'Urban regional Guidance and Management Structures: a precondition for the competitiveness of metropolitan regions'