HEIF Seminars & Projects

LSE London has been hosting seminars, workshops, conferences and other research projects since 2005 with funding from the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF). It all began in 2005 with a series of development workshops. All projects since have consisted of a series of conferences, workshops, seminars and publications designed to bring together stakeholders in key debates on London's economic, political and social development. 

Using LSE's research strengths, extensive networks and reputation for contributing to robust public policy, these events help to transfer knowledge and expertise from universities across the UK at the point where policy formation, economic development and business activity converge around particular issues.




HEIF5:  Accelerating housing development in London

HEIF5: Addressing the housing supply crisis

HEIF 5: 2012- 14 Series: Migration and the Transformation of London

HEIF 4 2010-11 Series: London in the New Political and Economic Environment

HEIF 4 2011 Series: The Private Renting Sector in the UK- Lessons from abroad

HEIF 4: 2009-10 Series

HEIF 3: 2008-09 Series

HEIF 2: 2006-08 Series

HEIF 1: 2005-2006 Series