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3 January 2017

Christine Whitehead, BBC News: 'First-time buyer subsidised homes 'will be built this year'.


16 December 2016

Tony Travers, The Londonist: 'Could London have its own Visa system?'.

15 December 2016

Kath Scanlon,  Financial Times: 'The rise of the silver-haired buy-to-let landlord'. 

14 December 2016

Christine Whitehead,  Property Wire: 'BTL facing rising costs due to change in 2017 unlikely to raise rents'.

12 December 2016

Christine Whitehead,  The Landlord's Union: 'LSE London's survey of 2500 landlords'. 

8 December 2016

Tony Travers, SAT Press Release: ‘There’s probably a majority for ‘soft’ Brexit’ 

1 December 2016

Christine Whitehead,  Inside Housing: 'LSE: emergency housing package for young needed'.

1 December 2016

Tony Travers,  Financial Times: 'Most London babies have foreign-born parent'.

26 November 2016

Tony Travers, The MJ: 'London should get VAT and income tax cash'.

8 October 2016

Tony Travers, Newsweek Europe: 'London’s Boroughs at 50' By Tony Travers'.

5 October 2016

Tony Travers, Les Echos: 'Theresa May promet un Etat plus interventionniste'.

4 October 2016

Tony Travers, Financial Times: 'London is close to proving that you can take away all the private cars and still have chronic congestion'.

3 October 2016

Tony Travers, CNBC: 'Sterling falls on UK's smoke signals on Brexit'.

2 October 2016

Tony Travers, Yahoo News: ‘There is so little known about Brexit'.

16 September 2016

Christine Whitehead, Planning Resource: 'Affordability crisis likely to get worse unless we have recession'. 

12 September 2016

Tony Travers,  City AM: 'The future of London: Is the city edging towards independence?'.

10 August 2016

Kath Scanlon, The Wharf: ‘Why creating villages could help solve London's housing problems’.

3 August 2016

Christine Whitehead, The Independent: 'Foreign buyers to pay extra 15% property tax in Vancouver to stop soaring house prices'.

29 July 2016

Nancy Holman, EUROPP, LSE Blog: ‘From brain drain to brain circulation: How labour mobility can help less developed European regions’.

26 July 2016

Tony Travers, Evening Standard: 'Give the capital more power to control its own tax and spending'. 

30 June 2016

Melissa Fernandez-Arrigoitia, The Guardian: A sense of belonging: the case for more communal living in the UK’.

24 June 2016

Tony Travers: Hackney Citizen: ‘There is not a person in Britain who is not interested in politics. They just don’t always call it politics’.

21 June 2016

Tony Travers, BBC News: ‘EU Referendum: Would Brexit prompt London to go it alone?’.

17 June 2016

Christine Whitehead, Planning Resource: 'How EU poll has ignited debate over migration's impact on housing need'.

7 June 2016

Ian Gordon, City Metric: ‘Sadiq Khan should work with Wider South East to rethink the green belt and tackle the region’s housing shortage'.

1 June 2016

Ian Gordon, The Guardian: ‘Planning London's future: the suburbs, the green belt and growth’.

13 May 2016

Kath Scanlon, Christine Whitehead, The Telegraph: ‘Buy-to-let tax will push up the rents of sitting tenants’.

5 May 2016

Christine Whitehead, British Politics and Policy Blog: ‘Can the new London Mayor tackle the housing crisis?’.

3 May 2016

Christine Whitehead, Centre for Cities: ‘Will the new London Mayor have the powers necessary to tackle the housing crisis?’. 

2 May 2016

Kath Scanlon, The Guardian: ‘Would a rent cap work for tenants facing £1,000-a-month rises?’.

2 February 2016

Christine Whitehead, BBC News: 'Sadiq Khan: Londoners to get 'first dibs' in proposed shared ownership scheme'. 

29 January 2016

Tony Travers, BBC News: ‘Sadiq Khan's fare freeze would cost £1.9bn, says TfL’. BBC News.

28 January 2016

Ian Gordon, Management Today: 'The changing face of the capital'. 

5 January 2016

Tony Travers, Washington Post: ‘The chances of Britain leaving the E.U. may have just gone up’.


14 November 2015

Kath Scanlon, The Telegraph: ‘Buy-to-let is taxed more in Britain than Germany, France or US - before the new tax'.

13 November 2015

Nancy Holman, Libération: 'Londres: Brick Lane Déclare Ouverte La Chasse Aux Hipsters'.

28 October 2015

Melissa Fernandez-Arrigoitia, The Guardian: ‘Brazil officials evict families from homes ahead of 2016 Olympic Games’.

2 October 2015

Melissa Fernandez-Arrigoitia, Islington Tribune: 'Lord Smith backs commune tenants, warning that eviction threat is ‘not the way forward’'. 

30 September 2015

Nancy Holman, The Atlantic: ‘The $5 Cereal That Provoked a London Mob’.

22 September 2015

Melissa Fernandez-Arrigoitia, LocalGov: ‘Under-threat community offers model for vulnerable people, says report’.

17 September 2015

Kath Scanlon, The Independent: ‘Graduates and young professionals are being 'priced out' of London's housing market, Sutton Trust warns’. 

2 September 2015

Christine Whitehead, The Guardian: 'How to improve London's private rented housing sector - and how not to'. 

30 August 2015

Kath Scanlon, The Economist: ‘Do rent controls work?’.

26 August 2015

Melissa Fernandez-Arrigoitia, Open Democracy: The rise of Puerto Rico’s ‘crisis-citizen''. 

10 July 2015

Christine Whitehead, The Guardian: ‘Beware fine talk of 'rent controls'’.

26 May 2015

Christine Whitehead, Financial Times: 'UK housing: The £24bn property puzzle'.

6 May 2015

Melissa Fernandez-Arrigoitia, The Guardian: ‘Councils look to radical alternatives to solve the UK's housing crisis’.

13 February 2015

Ian Gordon, City Metric: ‘How did London escape the Great Recession?’  

26 June 2014

Kath Scanlon, BBC News: 'Viewpoints: Is the UK housing market broken?'.

3 June 2014

Kath Scanlon, BBC News: ‘House prices: Same street, different property market’. 



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