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In 1998, the London School of Economics established LSE London as a centre of research excellence on the economic and social issues of the London region, as well as the problems and possibilities of other urban and metropolitan regions.

Today the centre has a strong international reputation particularly in the fields of labour markets, social and demographic change, housing, finance and governance, and is the leading academic centre for analyses of city-wide developments in London.


For the latest news on our HEIF5 project 'Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis,' please visit our project webpage|.



27 November 2014: Christine Whitehead to give public lecture on planning and housing at Bartlett School of Planning| 

The second in a series of special public lectures at The Bartlett School of Planning, Christine Whitehead continues the discussion on 27th November 2014 with a lecture on Planning and Housing – Why the Continuing Tensions? Tickets can be reserved here|.


6 November 2014: Christine Whitehead publishes blog on Lyons Housing Review|

Christine Whitehead reflects on the minimal attention given to London in the report recently published by Labour's housing commission. The full piece can be accessed on the British Politics and Policy blog.|


29 October 2014: HEIF5 Workshop - Accelerating new housing production in London|

The first thematic workshop in our HEIF5 'Housing in London: Addressing the Supply Crisis' project series was held on 29 October at LSE. It was attended by local borough planners, academics, representatives from RSLs, real estate consultancies and NGOs. Together, the attendees discussed barriers to delivering residential development, practical experiences and best practices for overcoming these barriers. A summary of the workshop discussion can be found here|.


15 October 2014: Christine Whitehead presents at Policy Forum for London's Keynote Seminar|

Christine Whitehead discussed 'Progress and priorities for housing in the capital' at Policy Forum for London's Keynote Seminar, which explored the Mayor's housing strategy, social housing, and the buying and rental markets. Her full presentation can be accessed here.|


13 October 2014: Homes for Scotland appoints PRS 'champion' after report from LSE London and CCHPR|
Homes for Scotland appointed Gerry More as its private rented sector 'champion' following recommendations from the Dec 2013 report, Building the Rented Sector in Scotland, produced by Kath Scanlon and Christine Whitehead of LSE London and Peter Williams and Kenneth Gibb of the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research.


13 October 2014: Christine Whitehead presents at GVA London lecture series|

GVA’s second London lecture series, ‘Evolving London,’ brings together experts in economics, infrastructure and governance to present their views on the future challenges facing the capital. Christine Whitehead presented at the first lecture in this series, ‘A new direction for London’s housing.’ Her presentation can be accessed here.|


8 October 2014: Melissa Fernandez publishes blog on alternative housing for British Politics and Policy at LSE|

In her latest post, Melissa Fernandez reflects on the potential alternative housing models can serve in addressing London's housing supply crisis. The complete post can be found here|.


25 September 2014: LSE London hosts Brazil-EU dialogue seminar on low income housing finance and subsidies|

Experts on social housing policy from Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, Scotland and England met with representatives from the Brazilian Ministry of Cities and the oragnisation Cities Alliance at a dialogue seminar at LSE. More information on the programme can be found here.|


24 September 2014: Christine Whitehead presents rent stabilisation research to Camden Federation of Private Tenants|

A copy of the presentation can be found here|.


17 September 2014: 'Housing in London - Addressing the Supply Crisis' Launch Event

LSE London's new HEIF5 'Housing in London - Addressing the Supply Crisis' project series was launched at this 2-hour event at LSE. Programme officers from LSE London presented recent research related to the project themes, and audience discussion generated questions and ideas for exploration at future events. For more information on the launch and the project series, please visit|



15 September 2014: Roundtable on Private Finance for Social Housing

 This Chatham House roundtable was the latest in a series that has been running since 1989 when private finance for social housing was first introduced. It was attended by all the major stakeholder groups, and the framing presentation can be accessed here.|


11 September 2014: ENHR Special Edition of the EMF Monthly Newsletter|

In advance of their book examining milestones in housing finance across Europe to be published in 2015, the European Network of Housing Research (ENHR) guest edited the September issue of the European Mortgage Federation's (EMF) monthly newsletter. LSE London's Christine Whitehead co-edited.

The newsletter can be accessed here. |


September 2014: Co-Housing ESRC Seminar Series Grant|

LSE London together with Newcastle University, UK Cohousing Network, University of Leeds, Lancaster University, Nottingham University, and University of Sheffield were awarded an ESRC seminar series grant| to hold 6 seminars on co-housing between 2014-2016.


1 September - 6 September 2014: Brazil-EU Social Housing Sector Dialogue

Christine Whitehead and Melissa Fernandez of LSE London travelled to Brasilia and São Paulo as part of an on-going exchange of dialogue between Brazilian and EU experts on social housing policy.

For more information on the project, click here|.  


August 2014: Urbanisation Migration Nexus Project|

Melissa Fernandez travelled to South Asia as part of the Urbanisation Migration Nexus Project, funded by DFID.


27 August 2014: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2014

Kath Scanlon and Melissa Fernandez of LSE London offered two sessions at the Royal Geographical Society 2014 conference on co-housing.

More information on these sessions can be located here| and here|.


10 August 2014: LSE London publishes report on Rent Stabilisation models for Camden|

Christine Whitehead and Kath Scanlon produced the report, ‘Rent Stabilisation: Principles and International Experience’ for the London Borough of Camden, intended to stimulate national debate on stabilisation models and lead to action that results in a better private rented sector for both tenants and landlords.


Lyons and London: Labour's latest housing review should not ignore initiatives in the capital|
British Politics and Policy Blog by Christine Whitehead (6 November 2014)


Alternative housing could be the answer to London's housing crisis|
British Politics and Policy Blog by Melissa Fernandez (8 October 2014)

ENHR Special Edition of the EMF Monthly Newsletter
|Co-edited by Christine Whitehead (11 September 2014)

Rent Stabilisation: Principles and International Experience|
A report by Christine Whitehead and Kath Scanlon for the Borough of Camden (10 August 2014)

Social Housing in Europe|
Edited by Kath Scanlon, Christine Whitehead, and Melissa Fernandez
Published by Wiley

A lifestyle choice for families? Private renting in London, New York, Berlin, and the Randstad|
A research project by Kath Scanlon, Melissa Fernandez, and Christine Whitehead for Get Living London (June 2014)

House prices: Same street, different property market|
Kath Scanlon's commentary featured in BBC Business (3 June 2014)

Re-evaluating the Greenbelt will deliver more homes
ResPublica Blog by Christine Whitehead (27 May 2014)


Book Review: 'The Affordable Housing Reader' by Tighe and Mueller|
Review written by Kath Scanlon (6 May 2014)

Miliband’s proposals: Old fashioned rent control or a better operating market?|
British Politics & Policy Blog by Christine Whitehead (6 May 2014)

Migration into London is spilling into towns outside the Green Belt|
British Politics & Policy Blog by Kerwin Datu (1 April 2014)

Tackling the Crises in Housing Provision
A talk by Christine Whitehead to the British Irish Council Ministerial Meeting (October 2013)

Creating the Conditions for Growth|
Christine Whitehead and Tony Travers with Kathleen Scanlon and Melissa Fernandez
A Report for Berkeley Group (October 2013)
Thanks to immigrants we're the capital for marriage
|Evening Standard article by Tony Travers (24 September 2013)
Regulation and the Private Rented Sector
|Professor Christine Whitehead for Young Group (Spring/Summer 2013)
The Private Rented Sector in the New Century- a Comparative Approach
|[PDF] (December 2012)
This report examines the role of regulation in the private rented sector across 11 European countries. It was co-authored by Christine Whitehead, Sanna Markkanen, Sarah Monk, Kathleen Scanlon and Connie Tang from LSE Lonond & the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research|
The Impact of Three London Conservatoires on the UK and London Economies| [PDF] (August 2012)
LSE London's report shows that London's conservatoires are a key factor in the development and sustainability of the city as a world music centre, and an integral part of the city's wider creative networks.
Research into the effects of conservation areas on value
English Heritage research co-written by LSE London's Nancy Holman (July 2012) See Dr. Holman's web-page and press releases here|


To access all LSE London research please see the Research page|.