Land and housing development as an opportunity for primitive accumulation of capital: the case of South Korea, 1970s

The proposed research looks at how the state has boosted land and housing development and has used that opportunity to facilitate the primitive accumulation of capital in the context of a developing country.

The project is based on the assumption that land and housing policies open a venue for the primitive accumulation of capital at the early stage of late industrialisation. The project aims to illustrate this point using a case study of South Korea during the 1970s, a decade during which the country experienced rapid industrialisation.

Staff member: Hyun Bang Shin|, in collaboration with Jung Won Sonn, University College London

Project period: January 2010 - present

Funding: Staff Research Fund

Related publications:

  • Sonn, J. W. and Shin, H. B. (in progress) Developmental state with Gangnam style: Land dispossession and capital accumulation in a late industrial context