Visiting Fellows

Visiting Fellows/Senior Visiting Fellows


The Department from time to time hosts Visiting Fellows working in an area of particular interest to the Department or from an institution with which the Department has close links. It should be noted that the Department can take on a very limited number of visitors so only a very few applications are successful. These positions are non-contractual and unremunerated. The duration can be from one month to one year and can be renewed up to three years in total. The Fellow will have access to the LSE Library and will be given a temporary LSE email address. If space is available, the Department will try to allocate a desk to the Fellow but this is not guaranteed. Bench fees of £1500 per term may be applied where the Fellow has external funding which cover these. Adjustments to this may be made on a needs basis. Applicants first need to identify an academic staff member of the Department as a potential host and contact them directly giving a brief outline of their research interests and enclosing their curriculum vitae. If the member of staff agrees to act as host, a form will be completed and nominations will be sent to the LSE Academic Research Committee which meets at various dates throughout the year. Successful applicants will then liaise directly with the Department to confirm their start dates and any other details. Regrettably the Department cannot help with accommodation searches or travel arrangements.