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Sustainability, Environment, Climate Change

Members of the Geography department staff are active in researching many dimensions of the nexus of issues associated with climate change, global environmental dynamics, and the possibilities of increasing the sustainability of human-environment interactions. They bring to bear approaches that rely on economic, institutional, and policy theories and analytics, as well as political ecology.

•  National accounts
   (G. Atkinson|)

•  Economics of climate change
   (S. Dietz|)

•  Ecosystems and climate change
   (G. Atkinson|, S. Dietz|, S. Mourato|C. Palmer|)

•  Sustainability, governance, and security
   (N. Holman|, M. Mason|)

•  Water
   (C. Marchiori|)

•  Valuing landscapes
   (G. Atkinson|, S. Dietz|, S. Mourato|, C. Palmer|)

•  Diffusion of environmental standards and technologies
   (E. Neumayer|)

•  Governance, environment and resources
   (E. Neumayer|, M. Mason|, R. Perkins|)