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Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship: Regional Innovation Policy, Knowledge Spillovers, Productivity and Institutions (REGIOSPIN)

Researcher: Dr Andrea Filippetti|

Supervisor: Professor Simona Iammarino|

This project aims to develop and lead a coherent programme of research based on robust and systematic empirical evidence, which addresses key questions on: the determinants of university-industry linkages; the relationship between institutions and regional government; the functioning of regional labour markets and training systems.

Papers in progress include:

  • Are decentralized countries better ruled? Evidence across European regions with a dose-response approach”, has been co-authored with Giovanni Cerulli (National Research Council – CERIS)
  • Varieties of Decentralization, Institutional Complementarities, and Economic Growth: Evidence in OECD Countries” co-authored with Agnese Sacchi has been published in the collected book F. Palermo and E. Alber (Editor) ‘Federalism as Decision Making: Changes in Structures, Procedures and Policies’, Koninklijke Brill, 2014
  • Regional government institutions and the impact on innovation: A working paper titled “Individual returns to training in the Italian regions” has been co-authored with Simona Iammarino (London School of Economics) and Frederick Guy (Birkbeck University of London)
  • “The Impact of Structural Funds expenditure on economic growth in the EU”, co-authored with Luigi Reggi (Ministry of Labour)

Books in progress include:

  • “Handbook of Global Science, Technology and Innovation”, edited with Daniele Archibugi. The book will be published next year by Blackwell Publisher. The book is part of the larger project “The Handbooks of Global Policy Series” managed by Professor David Held (London School of Economics).

Workshops, seminars and conferences include:

  • August 2014: 54th ERSA Congress European Regional Science Association Conference 2014. St. Petersburg 25-29 August
  • July 2014: workshop on scientific labour markets and innovation systems at Birkbeck College University of London
  • June 2014: EU-SPRI Conference, Manchester University
  • May 2014: workshop on University-Industry linkages. University of Rome Tre
  • March 2014: International Studies Association 55th Annual Convention 2014.Toronto, Canada
  • February 2014: seminar at the University of Padova
  • January 2014: Geography of Innovation Conference. 23-25 January 2014 Utrecht University
  • December 2013: 6th Australasian Public Choice Conference - School of Economics, Singapore Management University. Singapore, December 6-7 2013
  • November 2013: What can we learn from microdata? Czech Science Foundation grant agreement P402/10/2310, University of Prague

Grant: 209,033.40 euros

Research period: 2013 - 2015