Student News

Motoki Kobayashi (2004/05) is studying for a postgraduate MSc in Geographies of Globalization at UCL. He lives in London but will be returning to Japan next June to  resume work as a public officer.

Felipe Munoz (2004/05) is now back in Colombia and works with the former Mayor of Bogota who is now running for the presidential campaign.

Matthias Thoma (2004/05) is working for a consultancy firm - Ernst Basler & Partners Ltd. They are currently trying to build up a new business field called "Urban and regional economic development". You can read more about what they are doing from their website.

Emma Berndt (2003/04) is settling into her new life in Boston very nicely. She works for an affordable housing developer and consulting group by the name of Affirmative Investments.

Lucy Geldard (2003/04) recently joined the London office of EDAW, a consultancy firm, based in Islington. She is in the Economic Development team of the firm which deals with a whole range of projects as well as cross-disciplinary work with the planning and urban design teams (e.g. Olympics Village masterplan).

Robert Salkeld (2003/04) started working as a Project Manager at URS last November. URS is a very large US environmental and engineering consultancy with several offices in the UK. He is working at their Wimbledon office in the Economics and Development group.

Guiseppe Tripodi (2003/04) works as an Assistant Regional Planner  for the South East England Regional Assembly.

Lisa Whitman (2003/04) works as a Communications Manager for Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council - a non-profit foundation that is tasked with developing and implementing land conservation and youth wilderness programs.  The Stewardship Council was established as part of a utilities bankruptcy settlement - all the lands (140,000 acres) associated with their hydroelectric facilities are now dedicated to beneficial public uses.  A huge part of her job is working with the public to help determine how they would like those lands used.  Additionally, they are tasked with developing (most likely funding through already existing nonprofits) wilderness experiences and urban parks for underserved youth. 

Yasushi Yamamoto (2003/04) is working at the International Affairs & Crisis Management Division in the Japan Coast Guard. He deals with maritime security and safety issues.

Tomoko Hirano (2002-03) is a PhD student at the University of Tokyo.

Mukesh Panika (2001/02)  was offered a job at HOK Planning Group in New York City.

Pere Picorelli Riutord (2001-02) Works as a researcher for an international organisation called METROPOLIS. He has also been involved in a neighbourhood renewal project for the councils of Badalona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet, bordering Barcelona municipality. He worked with a small consultancy team which  prepared the economic, social and physical regeneration scheme of the area.

Dimphy van Wijk (2001/02) works for Cushman and Wakefield in the planning and environment team.

Padmini Biswas (2000/01) is in her fourth year of a PhD in Urban Planning at Columbia University. She lives in Forest Hills Gardens, a.k.a. New York's shrine to Ebenezer Howard.

Padmini Biswas (2000/01) is in her fourth year of a PhD in Urban Planning at Columbia University. She lives in Forest Hills Gardens, a.k.a. New York's shrine to Ebenezer Howard.  

Malik Imashev (1999-00) works for an oil and gas company at the Caspian seashore in cost control and planning area. He is finding the project quite interesting with plenty of new things to learn from drilling activities to building the barges.

Amanda Brandellero (1998/99) works for Greater London Enterprise in Brussels

Emauele Ciriolo (1998/99) started a research project with Prof Jacques Thisse, on the role of social capital in regional development. They received a FNRS (National Fund for Scientific Research) for the first two years of the project and are now applying for a two-year scholarship which would allow Emanuele to complete his PhD thesis. He is also the proud father of a baby girl whose name is Tatiana.

Mrane Lefaucheux (1998/99) lives in Cambridge. She returned to work for Cambridge Policy Consultants after the birth of her daughter, Josephine.

For the past two years Matt Smith (1998/99) has been living in a small (very remote) town in North Eastern Romania (not far from the border with the Republic of Moldova). He has been working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania's Community Economic Development Program. Matt is due to finish his Peace Corps service in July 2006 and then plans to pursue an MPA at either Carnegie Mellon or NYU.

After working for Llewelyn-Davies for a couple of years, Laurent Fischler (1999/00) moved on to URS, which is an engineering outfit with a small planning and economics practice. He now works for CB Richard Ellis in Beijing and has been there for over a year. He works in their consulting department and has been focusing on development consultancy (i.e. helping real estate developers plan & develop their projects) as well as quite a bit of investment work (i.e. advising banks/other financial institutions on how/what/where to invest in real estate in China). If you would like to contact Laurent, please email:|

Sinceanuary 2005 Daniel Shotton (1997/98) has been working for Lehman Brothers real estate principal finance team in Milan where they focus on Italian equity, mezzanine and debt transactions in real estate sector (residential, office, hotels, mixed use). He left Deutsche in January 2004, and travelled around the world during that  year.

João Seixas (1996/97) worked as a consultant at Lisbon City Hall where he published four books about the city - analysis in the areas of Economic development, real estate market, demographic issues and four neighbourhood study cases. He is currently finishing his PhD.

Carlos A. Vargas (1996/97) is head of the International Division at Euroestudios which is a firm of Consulting Engineers based in Madrid. They are involved with several studies in Thailand which cover different fields like a SCADA (Supervisory

Control and Data Acquisition) solution for automation of water supply, SAIH (hydrologic information automatic systems), flood prevention and a  Master Plan to manage household hazardous wastes.

Christian Feghali (1995/96) works for Credit Suisse Asset Management in real estate acquisition. He lives near Zurich with his wife and three children.