Planning Newsletter 2005


Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the 2005 Newsletter.

Around the world the last year has been one of crisis - tsunami, New Orleans and the Pakistan earthquake. Here in London of course we had our bombs but it is amazing how quickly life returns to normal. Such events have led more and more people to think about the impact of risk and uncertainty in modern life and the possible contribution that planning has to offer. The links between urban regeneration policy and street rioting have been highlighted by events in Paris. Later in the Newsletter you will find a note by Michael Storper (who teaches at the LSE, Paris and the UCLA) in which he compares the French riots to the situation in the US'.

The UN-Habitat is becoming increasingly concerned about urban disasters and risk and this week the Planning Studies Doctoral Seminar is exploring a report they commissioned on Current Issues  and Trends in Urban Safety. If any of you are working in this area it would be good to hear from you.

Meanwhile the Regional and Urban Planning courses remain a haven of calm. Even with all the changes taking place on the Campus - the latest is the LSE take over of a large building overlooking Lincoln Inn Fields - RUPS remains in S400. This has hardly changed over the years much to the delight of alumni who poke their head round the door on their visits. This year there is the usual interesting mix of students from around the world, especially North America, Europe and Asia. China and Japan are well represented and unusually Canadians outnumber those from the US.

The 2004/5 cohort are now reporting back on their new jobs. Later in the Newsletter you will see that they went on their study trip to Athens and had a fascinating time exploring the post Olympic impacts. They also organised a successful trip to Paris where we were taken on a walking seminar of the recent stages of planning development in the city by Jean Robert of the Sorbonne, followed by a reception from the Director of the Sorbonne in typically-elegant Parisian surroundings. For their trip the current year are debating between Copenhagen, Cairo and Dubai!

Walking Seminar with Professor Jean Robert 
In the Place des Vosges

Keep your e-mails rolling in - lets hear what you are doing.

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