Past student comments

Jennifer Cinelli, MSc Urbanisation and Development

I was attracted to the MSc Urbanisation and Development programme because of the strong basis of development theory within a specifically urban development context. The U&D MSc provided a rich theoretical perspective in which to discuss and understand issues of urbanisation in developing countries and complimentary course offerings allowed me to personalise the degree to my career trajectory. Studying at the LSE provided a rich setting in which to learn from a great variety of people-outside speakers, your professors and your peers. Professors come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring significant experience in the field to the classroom, providing important insights into the dissertation process and into using the degree upon completion. LSE attracts an incredibly diverse student body that brings a wide-range of experiences to the classroom resulting in inspired discussions, friendships beyond the classroom and a lasting network of colleagues for years to come.

Paolo Casilli, Msc Urbanisation and Development

The MSc Urbanisation and Development offers a unique opportunity to be exposed to a highly enriching and stimulating learning environment thanks to its world-class academic staff and the international student body. The programme strikes a good balance between theory and practice and instils key research skills. The new skills and knowledge, the increased confidence acquired during the MSc, and the LSE's international reputation have all contributed to open new professional avenues in international development agencies. All these factors have paved the way for my job with the International Organisation for Migration. Remarkably the knowledge gained in increasingly important fields such sustainable livelihoods in urban areas have been key to successfully undertake my assignment as Reintegration and Community Stabilisation Officer in Sudan.

Neil Helbraun, MSc Urbanisation and Development

I was amazed by the experience and perspective that my classmates had to offer.  During the inaugural year of the Urbanisation and Development programme we were 13 students representing 7 different nationalities.  Though we ranged from individuals fresh out of undergrad all the way through to those with years of infrastructure experience in the field, everyone had something unique to contribute.  I found this cosmopolitan, everyone-together-now spirit typical of students throughout the Department of Geography and Environment, and one of my favourite things about the LSE. 

Bret Ericson, MSc Urbanisation and Development

MSc Urbanisation and Development was an excellent programme. Classes were exceptionally well taught and the professors were keenly interested in the material. The broad approach places interventions and ideas in historical context, well preparing one for work in the field. My fellow students were equally important to my time at the LSE. They were helpful, supportive and intensely intelligent. I now work with the Blacksmith Institute, a New York-based NGO that works to remove the health threat posed by pollution. I am currently managing a joint project between our organisation and UNIDO, with backing from the European Commission, that aims to identify and assess the bulk of polluted sites in the developing world. We carry out this work on several continents where I meet with government officials, NGOs and community members.






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