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PhD in Economic Geography

The MPhil/PhD in Economic Geography aims to provide students with a rigorous and quantitative approach to the study of socio-economic phenomena that have a spatial and geographical nature, as well as their implications. This focus follows a general trend in the discipline and the growing need of policy advice to be solidly grounded in well-documented empirical regularities and properly established causal links. In order to satisfy these demands, the doctoral programme will provide students with advanced and up-to-date training in both traditional areas of economics – such as economic geography and spatial, urban and real estate economics – as well as more institutional approaches to these issues – such as those encompassed by regional science and local economic development. Moreover, the doctoral experience at the LSE will expose students to an international, vibrant and multi-disciplinary research environment.

Students can expect to leave the programme with a solid command of the following skills:

  • a critical understanding of the extent, nature and consequences of spatial disparities in economic performance, and the ability to identify appropriate policy responses;
  • a rigorous analytical, methodological and quantitative approach to the subject;
  • a solid understanding of the recent developments in the fields of economic geography and spatial economics; (iv) the ability to apply knowledge to new problems and contexts; and (v) the background required for a successful career in research and academia, as well as in consultancy or government policy.

Given the high profile of our programme, previous doctoral students in the 'Economic Geography' cluster have found employment in academic and public research institutions, as well as work in international organisations (e.g. OECD, UNCTAD/WTO, European Commission, World Bank), the private/consultancy sector (e.g. McKinsey, Ernst & Young), or in high profile positions in governmental institutions (e.g. regional development bodies, ministries of business, innovation and foreign affairs).

Research in Economic Geography at LSE is undertaken by Department of Geography and Environment staff| as well as by colleagues in the Department of Economics|. While the MPhil/PhD in Economic Geography is offered by Geography and Environment, potential applicants are advised to consider the research themes and staff expertise of both Departments before applying to the MPhil/PhD programme.

To begin your application or to learn more about life at LSE, visit the Graduate Study pages|.