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George and Hilda Ormsby Prizes

LSE students

In 1962 two prizes were established under the will of Dr Hilda Ormsby. One prize was originally given for an essay on an approved subject in the field of Geography, and was open to all students in the School studying for a first degree. The second prize was to be awarded to the student whose performance was judged to be the best in either of the Geography undergraduate programmes of that time.

These prizes have undergone several changes and are now worth £100 each. They are awarded for:

  1. The best undergraduate dissertation and the best overall performance in the final examinations in the undergraduate degree programmes in the Department of Geography & Environment. 
  2. The best dissertation in any of the Master's degree programmes in the Department of Geography & Environment. 

Hilda Ormsby

Dr Hilda Ormsby died on October 23rd 1973, a few days before her 96th birthday. She had been a student of and then assistant to Sir Halford Mackinder, a former Director of the London School of Economics and its first Professor of Geography. She was also sister of Professor Rodwell Jone a former Professor in the Department. Those who knew Dr Ormsby will recall her zest for map interpretation and her deep interest in European questions, especially those pertaining to France and Germany, and also in London itself. She was an admirable assessor of essays and research work. Former students will recall her Fetter Lane flat parties, her generous hospitality and the stories that she and her journalist husband – George Ormsby* – told so well. (R J Harrison Church).

*Dr Ormsby proposed that the prize fund should be associated with her name and that of her late husband.




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