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Professor Paul Cheshire named one of the planning industry's 100 most influential people

LSE’s Paul Cheshire has joined Lord Adonis and the Prime Minister as one of the one hundred most influential people in the UK planning industry today, as selected by the sector-leading Planning magazine.

Planning drew up their Planning Power 100 list by conducting off-the-record conversations with over than 40 senior industry figures, who were not allowed to nominate anyone from their own organisation. They defined influential people as ‘those who: significantly shape or influence national planning policy in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland; significantly influence local, regional or sub-regional planning policy in more than one area; or those who have a strong influence on planning decision-making across a wide area of the UK’.

The final list comprised politicians, senior civil servants and special advisers, heads of NGOs and think tanks, lawyers and consultants. Professor Cheshire was one of only five academics selected.

An economist by training, Paul Cheshire is Emeritus Professor of Economic Geography at LSE. Apart from his academic work he has spent time as an advisor and as a consultant for the European Commission, the World Bank, the OECD, the UN and other international organisations as well as the UK government. He was a Board member of the National Housing and Planning Advice Unit and a member of two of the Department of Communities and Local Government's Expert Panels. He is a member of the Internation Scientific Committee of Nicis and of the conseil scientifique du Grand Paris.


  Paul Cheshire